Women’s College Hoops Smash Records: 14.2 Million Viewers Tuned in Last Night


The thrill of women’s college basketball continues to ignite a nationwide fervor, with viewership records shattering and the spotlight shining brighter than ever before.

Iowa’s Triumph Draws Record 14.2 Million Viewers

Iowa’s heart-pounding victory over UConn in the Elite Eight rewrote the history books, becoming the most-watched college basketball game of all time, surpassing both men’s and women’s competitions. Approximately 14.2 million viewers tuned in to witness the Hawkeyes’ hard-fought triumph, eclipsing the 12 million who watched the LSU-Iowa title game last year.

ESPN’s Historic Broadcast

This historic broadcast was ESPN’s most-viewed college basketball game ever, and at one point, the viewership soared to a staggering 17 million viewers. The game showcased the unparalleled skill and determination of the sport’s stars, captivating an audience hungry for thrilling action.

South Carolina’s Undefeated Journey

On the other side of the bracket, the undefeated South Carolina Gamecocks had their own captivating moment, drawing an average of 7.1 million viewers as they eliminated North Carolina State. The Gamecocks’ dominance has captivated fans, setting the stage for a thrilling matchup against Iowa in the championship game.

Controversy in the Iowa-UConn Classic

The Iowa-UConn Elite Eight showdown electrified viewers until the very end. However, a controversial call in the final seconds left some questioning the fairness of the outcome. With Iowa clinging to a 70-69 lead, UConn’s Aaliyah Edwards was called for an illegal screen, resulting in a turnover that essentially extinguished the Huskies’ hopes.

Edwards Questions the Call

Edwards, the UConn player involved in the call, expressed her bewilderment. “I wasn’t given an explanation,” she stated. “There was no real time to get an explanation. From my point of view, it was pretty clean.”

Iowa and South Carolina Face Off for the

Data sourced from: foxnews.com