WWE Mania: McIntyre’s Win Stunned by Priest’s Surprise Money-in-Bank Move


A Moment to Savor, But Not for Long

In the electrifying atmosphere of Philadelphia, Drew McIntyre had finally achieved his long-awaited WrestleMania moment, defeating Seth Rollins to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. However, his triumph was short-lived.

CM Punk’s Interference and the Shocking Cashed Contract

McIntyre’s celebration was abruptly cut short by the legendary CM Punk. Furious at McIntyre’s earlier taunt, Punk retaliated by knocking the champion off his celebratory position and striking him with his trademark tricep brace.

From out of nowhere, Damian Priest emerged, brandishing his Money in the Bank briefcase. The cash-in was immediate and ruthless. Priest hit McIntyre with his South of Heaven finisher and pinned the new champion.

A Whirlwind Night for the World Heavyweight Championship

With that swift move, Priest became the new World Heavyweight Champion, leaving the Philadelphia crowd stunned. Just hours earlier, he had lost the Raw Tag Team Championships alongside Finn Balór.

McIntyre’s Valiant Fight and Rollins’s Resilience

McIntyre’s victory over Rollins was a testament to his determination. He had relentlessly pursued the championship and finally seized it with a powerful Claymore. But it was not without its challenges.

Rollins had fought back with all his might, dodging McIntyre’s initial Claymore and countering his Future Shock DDT with a Pedigree on the outside of the ring. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat the resilient Scot.

Two Claymores to End Rollins’ Resistance

After a grueling back-and-forth battle, McIntyre unleashed two devastating Claymores to finally subdue Rollins. The once-confident “Visionary” was now defeated, his hopes of retaining the championship shattered.

A Rapid

Data sourced from: foxnews.com