Yankee Legend’s Inspiring Words on Soto: “Like Watching Me”


Former New York Yankees right fielder Dave Winfield knows just how valuable Juan Soto is to his old team.

As the Yankees geared up for the 2024 season, fans couldn’t stop buzzing about the addition of Soto to an already-stacked lineup. Soto’s stellar spring training performance, where he was hitting the ball with incredible power, only heightened the anticipation.

Winfield, who spent many years patrolling the outfield for the Yankees, had the opportunity to observe Soto interacting with his new teammates in the locker room at Tampa Bay. He immediately noticed how well Soto fit in.

Soto’s Impact on the Yankees

Through seven games, Soto has proven his worth on the field. He has recorded several “earn your pinstripes” moments, including:

  • A clutch outfield assist to nab Mauricio Dubón at the plate, preserving a one-run lead against the Houston Astros.
  • A go-ahead home run in the seventh inning against the Astros, landing the ball in the Crawford Boxes.
  • A key RBI against Astros closer Josh Hader, helping the Yankees secure a lead.

“It’s a great way to break out onto the stage when you’re Player of the Week,” said Winfield, as Soto received the prestigious honor for the American League after the first series.

Soto’s Demeanor and Talent

Winfield praised Soto’s tools and talent, noting his ability to hit for power and use the entire field. He expressed confidence that as long as Soto continues to approach the game in this manner, he should avoid any prolonged slumps.

Soto’s ability to fit into the team dynamic has also been a positive factor. With All-Star teammates such as Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gerrit Cole sharing the spotlight, Soto doesn’t feel the pressure to be “the man.” He can simply play his game and make significant contributions.

Cracker Jack at the Ballpark Exhibit

Before the Yankees took the field, Winfield was in Cooperstown installing the final pieces of the “Cracker Jack at the Ballpark” exhibit at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The exhibit showcases moments connected to Cracker Jack, including baseball cards, an original replica of the seventh-inning stretch song, and other iconic memorabilia.

“Cracker Jack has stuff going back 100 years. They got some unique, iconic pieces,” said Winfield. “They got a lunchbox, buttons, all kinds of things that people can relate to.”

To celebrate the exhibit’s opening on April 4, Cracker Jack is offering fans a VIP experience to visit the exhibit in Cooperstown during Hall of Fame weekend from July 19-22. To enter, visit CrackerJackHallOfFame.com.

With his impressive early season performance and the support of his teammates, Juan Soto is poised for a successful season with the Yankees. He is a shining example of the strength and camaraderie LA News Center’s ballclub has to offer.