Authorities in Washington, D.C., have confirmed an unsettling incident involving an attempted arson on the Freedom Bell, a prominent replica of the Liberty Bell that stands outside Union Station.

**False Misinformation**

Initial reports circulating on social media erroneously suggested that an individual had set themselves on fire. However, officials have debunked this claim, clarifying that no injuries were reported.

“An individual attempted to set fire to the bell outside the station,” a spokesperson from the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department stated. “Contrary to social media reports, there was no person on fire.

**The Freedom Bell**

The Freedom Bell, a bronze replica of the Philadelphia landmark, is a gift bestowed by the American Legion shortly after the nation’s bicentennial in 1976. Since 1981, it has occupied a prominent spot outside Union Station.

**Additional Details**

Authorities revealed that the bell’s metallic composition presented a puzzling question for some. “How do you set fire to a metal bell?” inquired one social media user.

The suspect’s motives and the extent of the damage sustained by the Freedom Bell are still under investigation.

**Ongoing Investigation**

The Metropolitan Police Department is leading the probe into this attempted arson. It is unclear whether the suspect has been apprehended or if charges have been filed.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story unfolds.

Morning shot of bell at Union Station
The Freedom Bell in front of Union Station in Washington, D.C., where an arson attempt occurred on Sunday night.

(© Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Bell with American flags
A replica of the Liberty Bell, known as the Freedom Bell, sits outside Union Station in Washington, D.C..

(© Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)