Swift Action Ensures Student Safety

On March 27th, vigilance prevailed at Santa Teresa Middle School as Border Patrol agents swiftly apprehended six undocumented individuals mere steps from the school’s perimeter. This swift action by law enforcement and the cooperation of school officials ensured the safety and well-being of students and staff.

Incident Timeline

Shortly after 8:42 AM, the Santa Teresa Station of the Border Patrol received a report from Sunland Park Police regarding suspicious individuals outside the school. Agents promptly responded and intercepted the undocumented individuals, who were subsequently transported to the Santa Teresa Station for processing.

School’s Precautionary Response

As a precautionary measure, Santa Teresa Middle School enacted a brief “shelter-in-place” protocol upon observing the presence of law enforcement near the school. The purpose of this temporary measure was to minimize any potential disruption to the learning environment.

Santa Teresa Middle School sign
Santa Teresa Middle School temporarily implemented a shelter-in-place protocol.

Professional Response

The Gadsden Independent School District expressed its gratitude for the prompt and professional response of the Border Patrol and Sunland Park Police Department. The district acknowledged that their efforts maintained a safe and secure environment during the incident.

Heightened Concern

A parent of a student at Santa Teresa Middle School spoke of the anxiety she experiences during such incidents. She emphasized the importance of school safety and her concerns about the proximity of the border to the school.

Border Patrol’s Commitment

A spokesperson for the Border Patrol expressed their unwavering commitment to the safety of migrants and the general public, especially in areas near the border where schools are present. They acknowledged the routine nature of such events in these border communities.

Border Vulnerability

KOAT reported on a section of the border known as “The Anarpa Gap” near the school, which serves as a gap in the border wall. This opening provides a potential avenue for individuals with criminal histories or immigration issues to evade arrest.


The recent incident at Santa Teresa Middle School highlights the vigilance and collaboration required to ensure the safety of children near the border. The swift response by law enforcement and the responsible action by school officials provided peace of mind to the school community while also underscoring the ongoing challenges of border security.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com