Unprovoked Attacks and a Suspect’s Casual Pose: A Tale of California’s Violent Stranger

In a shocking turn of events, a California man has been arrested after allegedly punching two elderly victims in separate incidents. What’s even more perplexing is the suspect’s bizarre behavior: pausing to pose casually for a photo after one of the assaults.

Random Attacks in Campbell

The incidents took place in Campbell, California, earlier this month. On May 4, 25-year-old Nicholas Hosteter allegedly struck an elderly victim on San Tomas Aquino Road before fleeing the scene. But here’s where the story takes an unexpected turn:

Instead of simply escaping, Hosteter decided to strike a nonchalant pose on a nearby sidewalk. The victim, realizing the futility of his chase, did the unthinkable: he snapped a photograph of his assailant.

The photo quickly made its way to social media, where the Campbell Police Department shared it with the public, pleading for help identifying the suspect.

A Second Victim and Encounter

The unfortunate saga did not end there. On Friday morning, a 75-year-old man was strolling through Campbell when he encountered Hosteter. Without provocation, Hosteter allegedly punched the elderly man in the face near Inwood Drive and Elam Avenue.

The victim, along with his family, returned to the area shortly after to search for surveillance footage. As fate would have it, they stumbled upon Hosteter again.

Instead of fleeing, Hosteter engaged in an altercation with the family, further highlighting his erratic behavior before escaping the scene.

Suspect Identified and Arrested

With the public’s help, Campbell Police officers quickly identified Hosteter as the suspect. After contacting Hosteter’s parents on Saturday morning, authorities convinced him to exit his home and surrender without incident.

Nicholas Hosteter in back of police car

During the booking process at the Santa Clara County Jail, Hosteter displayed further aggression by kicking an officer. Consequently, he faces an additional charge of battery on an officer.

Community Support and Diligent Investigation

The Campbell Police Department expressed gratitude for the community’s support in apprehending the suspect.

“We cannot thank our community enough for their partnership in incidents like these,” the department said. “We can assure you that our officers are working diligently to investigate these incidents to the full extent.”

The investigation remains ongoing, and authorities continue to seek witnesses and evidence to ensure justice for the victims.

As the community grapples with the fear and uncertainty caused by these random attacks, it’s paramount to remember the strength and resilience of the victims and the unwavering dedication of the Campbell Police Department.