6-Year-Old With ‘Faith of a Mustard Seed’ Dies in Tragic Accident, Family Finds Hope in Her Childlike Faith


Navigating Tragedy: A Family’s Unwavering Faith in the Wake of Loss

A New Jersey father has shared the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of his 6-year-old daughter, Lucy, who tragically died from a freak accident on the last day of a family vacation. In the midst of a crisis that shattered their world, Jesse Morgan and his family found solace in Lucy’s child-like faith, offering a beacon of hope amidst their grief.

Lucy’s Faith: A Guiding Light

Morgan, pastor at Green Pond Bible Chapel, emphasized the importance of instilling Christian values in his children. Lucy’s faith, while imperfect, brought immense joy to their family.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that she and her imperfect understanding of life loved Christ and loved God,” Morgan said. “And, that God welcomed her into heaven.”

He shared a journal Lucy had received a month before her passing, which contained her heartfelt prayers.

A Miraculous Journal

After Lucy’s passing, her mother found a backpack containing the 6-year-old’s prayer journal. Filled with innocence and a deep understanding of God’s love, the journal’s entries became a source of comfort for the grieving family.

“God is so amazing and He is the true God and He created everything and He died on the cross for our sins.” – Lucy’s prayer journal

Doubts and Restored Faith

Like any loving parent, Morgan and his wife questioned if they had communicated the gospel to Lucy adequately before her untimely death. However, Lucy’s journal and the outpouring of support from those around them reassured them that Lucy understood the love of Christ.

“We’ve explained the gospel to our kids every day,” Morgan said. “It wasn’t a one-time event. We view it as a continual conversation with our children.”

Holding on to Hope

While grief threatened to consume the family, their faith in God sustained them. Morgan explained that it was not a blind acceptance of tragedy, but a deep conviction that Christ would hold them fast.

“It is Christ alone sustaining us,” he said. “I don’t want people to be gawking at the tragedy, I want people to see the miraculous.”

Legacy of a Child

Lucy’s life and faith have left an indelible mark on her family and the community. Her legacy reminds others of the power of childlike trust, the importance of sharing the gospel, and the hope that lies ahead in the arms of a loving God.