Accused New York City Cop Shooter Revealed as Fugitive Gang Member: Shocking Details Emerge


Reckless Shooting: Illegal Immigrant Arraigned for Attempted Murder of Police Officers

A Daring Assault and Bravery on the Streets of Queens

Bernardo Raul Castro Mata, a 19-year-old undocumented immigrant, stood before Queens Criminal Court on Wednesday, facing grave charges of attempted murder and multiple other offenses. Accused of shooting two courageous New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers in an audacious act, Castro Mata’s chilling actions have shaken the community.

The Officers’ Valorous Stand

Officers Richard Yarusso and Christopher Abreu were patrolling Queens when they noticed Castro Mata riding on an “unregistered motorcycle” without a helmet and proceeding in the wrong direction. As they attempted to pull him over, he fled on foot, leading to a perilous chase on the ground.

A fierce struggle ensued. According to prosecutors, during the melee, Castro Mata reached into a bag, retrieved a firearm, and aimed it at Yarusso’s chest, discharging the weapon at point-blank range. Abreu, too, fell victim to the barrage of bullets, sustaining a wound to his upper thigh.

Despite the life-threatening injuries, Yarusso’s bullet-resistant vest miraculously saved his life. Both officers were rushed to Elmhurst Hospital, where Yarusso heroically pushed Abreu out in a wheelchair hours after the shooting.

A Defendant’s Flight Risk and a Need for Justice

Judge Jeffrey Gershuny, presiding over the arraignment, deemed Castro Mata a “flight risk,” citing his desperate attempt to evade capture by fleeing from uniformed officers and his subsequent violence.

With numerous charges against him, including attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental administration, Castro Mata was ordered held without bail.

Queens Assistant District Attorney Lauren Reilly condemned Castro Mata’s actions, stating he “is the very definition of a flight risk,” adding that his “attempted murder of two police officers is the most heinous of crimes.” She emphasized the need to seek “justice for these brave officers who put their lives on the line every single day.”

Community Solidarity and Officer Support

Over 50 fellow officers attended the hearing, donning their uniforms to show solidarity with Yarusso and Abreu. The New York City Police Benevolent Association (NYCPBA), representing police officers in the city, strongly condemned the attack.

“These officers bravely confronted a violent individual who wasn’t afraid to carry a gun and shoot two New York City police officers at point blank range,” said Patrick Hendry, President of the NYCPBA.

The officers’ resilience has been widely celebrated, with Hendry praising their “skill” and “grit.” He stressed the importance of sending a strong message that those who target police officers will face severe consequences.

“Today, this court sent a message that they’re going to support these police officers who put their lives on the line every single day,” Hendry declared. “But this message needs to be consistent: That if you attack a police officer, in every borough, in every courthouse across this city, they will be prosecuted.”

Illegal Immigration’s Role

Reports have emerged indicating that Castro Mata entered the United States illegally last July near El Paso, Texas. He was residing in a former airport hotel that had been converted into a migrant shelter in Queens.

According to the New York Post, citing anonymous sources, Castro Mata may have connections to Tren de Aragua, Venezuela’s “bloodthirsty” gang known for violent crimes. This disturbing possibility has raised concerns about the safety of migrant communities and the challenges faced by law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Crackdown

In response to the shooting and the broader issue of illegal vehicles, the NYPD launched a massive crackdown on Tuesday evening. The operation resulted in the seizure of 72 illegal all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorbikes, and mopeds, along with three other vehicles.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers in the line of duty. The community stands united in its support of those who protect and serve, while also demanding justice for the brave officers who have been so viciously targeted.