Anti-Israel Agitators Block Interstate Near Disney World: 3 Arrested


Anti-Israel Protests Spark Confrontations and Arrests Near Walt Disney World

Highway Shutdown and Bumper-to-Bumper Blocks

On Saturday, anti-Israel protesters took to Interstate 4, a major highway near Walt Disney World, bringing rush hour traffic to a standstill. Three women – 26-year-old Isabella Giannosa, 24-year-old My Truong, and 24-year-old Jenni Nguyen – were apprehended by the Florida Highway Patrol after they blocked traffic while holding signs that read, “Free Palestine.”

Visual Protests and Vocal Chants

The protesters donned face coverings and displayed pro-Palestinian banners, one of which featured a Mickey Mouse emblem superimposed over the words “Free Palestine.” They also raised their voices, shouting “Free Palestine” and other chants, as irate drivers honked their horns and veered off the road to bypass the demonstration.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

Giannosa, Truong, and Nguyen were charged with a misdemeanor count of refusing to obey a police officer’s command. After being taken into custody, they were transported to the Orange County Jail and booked for the offense.

Zooming Out: A Surge of Anti-Israel Demonstrations

The protests near Disney World were part of a wider wave of anti-Israel demonstrations that have taken place across the United States in recent weeks. Prior to the Interstate 4 incident, two individuals had already been arrested at a separate rally in Lake Eola Park on Saturday for allegedly battering a law enforcement officer.

Restoring Order and Maintaining Peace

The Orlando Police Department, which responded to both demonstrations, released a statement emphasizing that “while most demonstrated peacefully, we did make 2 arrests.” This reflects the department’s commitment to ensuring public safety and maintaining order, even when faced with conflicting viewpoints.


The anti-Israel protests near Walt Disney World highlight the ongoing tensions and differing perspectives surrounding the conflict in the Middle East. While the right to free speech and peaceful assembly is a fundamental principle, protests must be conducted in a manner that does not disrupt public safety or violate the rights of others. Law enforcement authorities have a crucial role to play in balancing these interests, protecting the public, and ensuring that demonstrations remain peaceful.

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