Beware: Aggressive Elk Unleash Fury, Attacking Children in Colorado Town


Elk Encounters: Two Children Fall Victim to Cow Elk Attacks in Estes Park

In a series of unsettling incidents, two young children have become the victims of close encounters with aggressive cow elk in Estes Park, Colorado. Just days apart, an 8-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy were targeted and injured by the massive mammals.

The First Encounter: A Girl’s Bike Ride Turns into a Nightmarish Ordeal

On May 31, a young girl was innocently riding her bike when a female cow elk charged at her from nearly 60 yards away. The elk rapidly overtook the girl and mercilessly stomped on her multiple times. The child was rushed to the hospital, where she fortunately was later released.

Wildlife authorities quickly arrived at the scene, where they found both the cow and a young elk calf nearby. However, when the official approached, the cow elk became highly aggressive. The officer was forced to use “non-lethal bean bag rounds” to scare the elk away from the park.

A Second Attack: A Playground Transforms into a Scene of Terror

Just four days later, a similar incident unfolded at Stanley Park. This time, a 4-year-old boy became the target of a female cow elk’s aggression. As the boy played near a playground, the elk suddenly charged and relentlessly stomped on him multiple times.

Although members of the boy’s family were able to scare off the cow elk, the child had suffered substantial injuries and was taken to the hospital. Once again, he was later released.

Cow Elk Aggression: A Protective Instinct Gone Awry

According to the Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW), cow elk become highly defensive during calving season, viewing any potential threat as a danger to their newborns. However, it is exceedingly rare for them to cause harm to humans.

“Cow elk can charge from many yards away,” CPW officials warn. “Please respect trail closures and signs warning of aggressive elk. Never disturb young wildlife, even if they appear to be alone, as the mother is most likely nearby searching for food.”

Park Closures and Warnings in Effect

In response to these disturbing events, the Parks of the Lake Estes Loop trail has been temporarily closed. Additionally, park officials have posted numerous signs throughout the area advising visitors to be mindful of aggressive cow elk.

LA News Center urges everyone recreating outdoors to remain vigilant and take precautions. Be aware of your surroundings, especially if you spot young elk calves nearby. Give plenty of space to any wildlife you encounter, and never hesitate to report any unusual behavior or encounters to park authorities.

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