Bizarre Attack in Times Square: Sitting Man on Walker Stabs Woman


Unprovoked Attack in Times Square: Man Stabs Woman near Port Gourmet Deli

On a bustling Saturday evening, a chilling incident occurred near the iconic Port Gourmet Deli on West 43rd and Eighth Avenue. In a brazen and seemingly unprovoked attack, a 62-year-old man lunged at two women, stabbing one of them with a large kitchen knife. The incident unfolded before shocked onlookers and was captured on video.

Disturbing Footage Emerges

Video surveillance obtained by LA News Center shows the suspect, identified as Cyril Destin, calmly exiting the deli. He places his walker against the building and settles into the seat before lighting a cigarette.

With the cigarette still in hand, Destin reaches inside his jacket, pulling out a menacing kitchen knife. His demeanor changes as he lunges at two women passing by, brutally slashing one of them. The women stagger backward, clutching their wounds.

NYC Times Square Stabbing
The harrowing moment the suspect lunges at the victims.

Swift Apprehension and Hospitalization

After the horrifying attack, Destin calmly returned to his walker seat and resumed smoking his cigarette. Witnesses alerted authorities who swiftly apprehended him. Destin was transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation.

Victim’s Condition and Suspect’s History

The victim, a 46-year-old woman, was rushed to the same hospital. She received treatment for a stab wound to her chest and is reported to be in stable condition.

LA News Center learned from the New York City Police Department that Destin has a history of 24 arrests over the past 20 years, primarily for minor offenses such as criminal mischief and trespassing.

Ongoing Investigation

The New York City Police Department is actively investigating the incident, seeking to determine the motive behind the unprovoked attack. Spokespersons from the department have declined to provide further details until the investigation concludes.

Community Outpouring

The horrific stabbing shook the community and prompted an outpouring of support for the victim. Local residents expressed shock and sadness at the violence that unfolded in their midst, calling for increased police presence in the area.

Prevention and Awareness

Incidents like these highlight the importance of community awareness and vigilance. Strangers are urged to remain alert and report any suspicious activity or confrontations. By working together, we can help prevent similar tragedies from occurring.

Call to Action

If you witness a violent incident or have information about the suspect, please contact the New York City Police Department immediately. Your assistance could save lives.