California Pay Hike and Library Battle: Weekly News Quiz Intrigue


Prepare to put your knowledge to the test with LA News Center’s News Quiz! This week, we delve into the latest news headlines that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

**California’s Lofty Salary:**

Governor Gavin Newsom’s plan to increase state employees’ pay has sparked a lively debate. Some argue it’s a much-needed move to keep up with rising living costs, while others question the timing amidst a looming recession. With California’s high taxes already a sore point, will this pay hike further strain the taxpayers’ wallets?

**A Library Battle in the Lone Star State:**

Gavin Newsom and Texas mom in News Quiz

In Texas, a small-town library has become the epicenter of a heated battle over book censorship. A determined mother, defying the norm, has taken a stand against the removal of certain children’s books from the shelves. As the debate rages on, we explore the delicate balance between parental rights and access to literature.

**Fooling Around for April 1st:**

Get ready for a dose of April Fools’ Day humor with our American Culture Quiz. From silly pranks to outlandish news stories, we’ll test your ability to separate fact from fiction.

**A Festive Easter Surprise:**

In our Easter Quiz, we’ve hidden an egg-citing surprise! Delve into the history, traditions, and religious significance of Easter while searching for a special treat.

**Test Your Knowledge:**

  1. What is Governor Newsom’s proposed salary increase for state employees?
  2. Which children’s book is at the center of the Texas library controversy?
  3. What is the name of the small town where the library battle is taking place?
  4. Name the famous bunny associated with Easter.
  5. True or False: Hot cross buns are only eaten on Christmas.

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