Caught with Pants Down: Package Thief Disguises Self in Trash Bag


In a bizarre twist on porch piracy, a thief in Sacramento County, California, went to extraordinary lengths to steal a parcel left at a front door—by disguising themselves as a garbage bag.

Surveillance Footage Captures the Unusual Theft

Omar Gabriel Munoz’s door camera captured the audacious theft on March 29. The footage shows an individual crouched beneath a large garbage bag, approaching the front door stealthily. In a swift move, they snatch a package and disappear into the shadows.

“At first I was kinda angry but when I saw the video again I was laughing because people [these] days have a lot of creativity,” Munoz told LA News Center.

The stolen package contained two iPhone chargers from online retailer Temu, worth about , according to Munoz.

  • Thief's white sandals can be seen under the trash bag. (Omar Gabriel Munoz via Storyful)

“That Was a Good One,” Says Victim

Despite the theft, Munoz has a sense of humor about the incident. “That was a good one,” he noted when asked for his thoughts on the thief’s tactics.

Munoz decided not to report the theft to the police, believing they had more pressing matters to attend to. Instead, he simply reordered the iPhone chargers.

Sacramento police confirmed that the crime occurred within the sheriff’s office jurisdiction and stated that the incident was under investigation.

LA News Center Reaches Out for Comment

LA News Center contacted Temu for comment on the theft. A representative for the company stated, “We are sorry to hear about this incident. We take package security very seriously and are always looking for ways to enhance the safety of deliveries.”