Chicago Police Brace for Volatile DNC: Training for Assaults, Injured Protesters


Chicago Police Ramp Up Training Ahead of Democratic National Convention

Intensified Preparation for Eventualities

In anticipation of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Chicago this August, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is undergoing a comprehensive and specialized training program to equip officers with the necessary skills to handle the anticipated crowds and potential protests.

Tier One Training for Crowd Control

Out of the total police force, 2,500 officers will receive “tier one training,” designed specifically for managing volatile incidents. This training covers tactics for handling assaults, attacks, using body shields, protecting the public, and evacuating injured individuals.

Unveiling Specialized Techniques

During a media briefing this week, the CPD showcased some of these specialized training exercises, including the line-relief process. This tactic involves the swift replacement of officers to maintain a secure perimeter.

Heightened Security Amidst Rising Crime

The heightened security measures come at a time when Chicago faces an ongoing challenge with rising crime. According to CPD statistics, between 2019 and 2023, the city has seen a significant increase in violent crimes, including a 23% rise in murders, 38% surge in robberies, and a staggering 227% spike in motor vehicle thefts.

Preparedness for Protests and Demonstrations

The DNC is expected to draw an estimated 50,000 visitors and potentially lead to mass protests. More than 50 organizations have expressed plans to demonstrate during the convention. However, city officials have denied permits for gatherings near the United Center, the convention venue, prompting lawsuits and vows from groups to march regardless.

Commitment to Maintaining Order

Despite these challenges, Police Superintendent Larry Snelling conveyed a resolute message. “We will not tolerate the violence. We will not tolerate the vandalism. We will not allow people to come into the city to destroy it and leave.”

Collaboration with U.S. Secret Service

Alongside U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, Snelling emphasized the department’s preparedness: “Make no mistake, we are ready.”

Additional Resources

To enhance their surveillance capabilities, the CPD is working closely with the FBI and the Chicago Fire Department to establish a temporary command post in the area surrounding the convention venue.

Law Enforcement Coordination

Approximately 5,000 additional law enforcement officers from various agencies, including the Illinois State Police and the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, will provide support during the DNC.

Continuous Improvement

The CPD’s commitment to public safety extends beyond the upcoming convention. Officers will continue to receive ongoing training and development throughout the year to maintain their proficiency and enhance their ability to protect and serve the community effectively.

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