Chicago’s Naked Cop Theft Acquittal: Insanity Sparks Curiosity


**Chicago Woman Found Not Guilty After Stealing Police Car and Dragging Officer While Naked**

In a gripping and bizarre tale, Whitley Temple, a 35-year-old Chicago woman, walked free after facing charges for stealing a police squad car and dragging an officer while in the nude.

The Startling Incident

On a fateful day in June 2022, Chicago Police Officer Edward Poppish responded to a call of shots fired in West Garfield Park. As he exited his patrol vehicle, Temple reportedly assaulted him and drove off in his car. The shocking incident was captured on video, which surfaced after Temple’s acquittal.

The video footage shows Officer Poppish struggling with a woman in the driver’s seat of his SUV. She throws the vehicle into reverse, sending the officer tumbling out the unlocked door. For a few horrifying moments, the SUV drags the officer as she backs up, until he manages to break free.

A Mental Health Defense

Temple’s defense attorney presented a compelling case for mental insanity. They argued that she was in a “psychotic state” at the time of the incident and had exhibited concerning behavior in the days leading up to it.

The defense claimed that Temple had a “paranoid idea” that people were pursuing her and that she was determined to protect the women in her family. Additionally, they suggested that she believed she had been sexually assaulted prior to the incident.

Cook County Judge Tyria Walton ultimately agreed with the defense’s argument. Temple was found not guilty on all charges, including attempted murder, aggravated battery, and vehicle hijacking.

A Conditional Release

While Temple will remain free, she is required to meet with mental health officials for treatment planning. This condition serves as a reminder that her mental health remains a priority and that she will receive the necessary support.

The Aftermath

The incident has raised questions about mental health and its impact on law enforcement encounters. Some critics argue that the system must improve its ability to identify and respond effectively to individuals in crisis.

Officer Poppish, a 23-year veteran of the force, was hospitalized with stitches for an injury to his head. His recovery serves as a reminder of the potential risks that law enforcement officers face when responding to calls.


Whitley Temple’s case is a complex and thought-provoking example of the intersection of mental health and criminal justice. While the not-guilty verdict may raise questions, it also highlights the need for compassion and understanding when it comes to individuals who are struggling with mental illness.