Compounding Pharmacy Tragedy: Prison Sentence for Drug Deaths


Compounding Pharmacy Exec Sentenced for Deadly Drug Outbreak

Justice Served: Former Pharmacy Owner Faces Prison Time

In a Michigan courtroom, justice prevailed for victims of a devastating fungal meningitis outbreak that claimed the lives of 11 Michigan residents. Barry Cadden, the former president of the now-defunct New England Compounding Center (NECC), was sentenced to at least 10 years behind bars.

Years of Negligence and Greed

This landmark sentencing stems from a 2012 tragedy that sent shockwaves through the nation. NECC, under Cadden’s leadership, produced and distributed mold-infested drugs to hospitals and clinics nationwide. The deadly aftermath: 793 illnesses and over 100 fatalities.

Prosecutors meticulously presented evidence of NECC’s abysmal production practices, which violated basic safety protocols. The drugs were manufactured in filthy and unsafe conditions, putting patients’ lives at risk.

Eleven Lives Lost

Michigan residents ravaged by the tainted drugs will forever bear the scars of Cadden’s greed and negligence. Their families spoke out after the sentencing, expressing gratitude for the justice served. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel condemned Cadden’s actions, stating that they caused an “horrific tragedy.”

Guilty but Cleared of Murder

In 2017, Cadden faced federal charges related to fraud and racketeering, for which he received a 14-1/2 year sentence. However, a separate trial in federal court brought forth second-degree murder charges, which the jury ultimately dismissed.

State Charges Follow

Despite the federal acquittal, Michigan pressed charges against Cadden and his associate, Glenn Chin, NECC’s former supervisory pharmacist. Chin was also convicted on federal fraud charges but cleared of murder. Charges against Chin in Michigan remain pending.

Prison Time and Beyond

Cadden’s 10- to 15-year state sentence will run concurrently with his ongoing federal sentence. He has already served over six years in custody and will spend at least an additional decade in prison.

The Michigan court credited Cadden for time served, a decision met with no comment from his attorney. Cadden’s legacy will be forever stained by his callous disregard for safety, which resulted in the needless suffering and death of countless victims.

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