“Devastating Storm Ravages Northeast and Mid-Atlantic: Find Out the Extent of the Damage”


Powerful Storm Causes Widespread Damage in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are currently without power as a result of a powerful storm system that swept through the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. This storm brought coastal flooding, damaging winds, and heavy rainfall to the affected areas.

Severe Weather Warnings Remain in Effect

According to Fox Weather, high wind warnings and wind advisories are still in effect for most of the region. The National Weather Service (NWS) has forecasted “widespread hazardous weather impacts” as the storm moves out of the area.

The NWS warns of heavy rain that could cause flooding from southern New England to southern Maine, an area that has already experienced snowfall over the weekend. The region will also experience strong winds, with gusts exceeding 50 mph and potentially reaching over 60 mph near the coast and elevated areas. These conditions may lead to instances of coastal flooding as well.

Lodi, New Jersey flooding

Flooding is seen on Wednesday, Jan. 10, in Lodi, New Jersey, following heavy rainfall overnight. (Katie Byrne/Fox Weather)

Power Outages and Flooding

As of early Wednesday morning, approximately 140,000 customers in New York, 100,000 in Pennsylvania, and over 50,000 in North Carolina and New Jersey are without power.

A video surfaced from New York City on Tuesday showing a utility pole on fire in the Queens borough during the storm. Firefighters were present at the scene as sparks flew through the air.

The storm brought multiple inches of rain to towns and cities throughout the Northeast. The NWS’ New York office stated that even though most of the rain has subsided, the effects are still being felt. Many rivers and streams are rising to moderate to major flood stages, leading to flood warnings.

NYC migrants evacuated ahead of winter storm

Nearly 2,000 migrants were evacuated by school buses from tents at Floyd Bennett Field in New York City on Tuesday ahead of the storm’s arrival. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Destructive Wind Gusts and State of Emergency

Wind gusts exceeding 60 mph were recorded in Queens, New York City, parts of Long Island, and Stamford, Connecticut. New York Governor Kathy Hochul urged residents to take the storm seriously and assured that utility crews would work to restore power as soon as it was safe to do so.

New Jersey declared a state of emergency prior to the storm’s arrival.

Flooding in Maryland

Cars make their way through flooding in Langley Park, Maryland, on Tuesday, Jan. 9. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


This powerful storm has caused significant damage in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. The storm brought heavy rain, strong winds, and coastal flooding to the affected areas. Residents are urged to stay safe and follow the guidance of local authorities during this challenging weather event.

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