Ex-Soldier’s Sinister Global Crime Spree: From Florida Murders to Foreign Wars


International Crime Spree: Ex-US Soldier’s Quest for War

Unveiling an astonishing tale of international crime, federal prosecutors have brought charges against Craig Austin Lang, a former US soldier accused of embarking on a “crime spree” that involved alleged murders, illegal arms trading, and mercenary ambitions.

Double Murder and Stolen Weapons

In 2018, Lang and his accomplice, Alex Zwiefelhofer, allegedly plotted to kill a Florida couple, Serafin and Deana Lorenzo. The motive? To steal ,000 and stockpile weapons for Lang’s mercenary aspirations. The alleged double homicide sent shockwaves through the community and sparked a nationwide search.

From US Soldier to Mercenary

Lang, a former US Army soldier dishonorably discharged in 2014, later joined the Ukrainian nationalist group Right Sector. Military sources and the State Department declined to comment on his service record. However, his alleged actions in Ukraine point to a twisted desire to wage wars for profit.

Mercenary Ventures and Venezuelan Coup

While fighting against Russian separatists in Ukraine, Lang and Zwiefelhofer reportedly planned to use stolen funds from the Florida murders to finance a mercenary trip to Venezuela. The duo intended to participate in a coup against the Venezuelan government. They even considered joining the Islamist militant group al-Shabab in East Africa before their arrest.

International Indictments and Extradition

Lang’s criminal activities spanned multiple states and countries, leading to federal indictments in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona. For years, he fought extradition from Ukraine, but his attempts were futile. Eventually, he faced three federal indictments for murder, robbery, and passport fraud.

Weaponry and Fraud

In addition to the murder charges, Lang has been accused of illegally possessing weapons, including a grenade, and engaging in passport fraud and aggravated identity theft. Falsely representing a Social Security account number rounded out the list of charges against him.

Lang’s Arrest and Trial

After his extradition from Ukraine, Lang was extradited to the US and appeared in federal court on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. His court-appointed lawyer declined to comment immediately.

Consequences and Justice

If convicted of the Florida murders, Lang could face life in prison. The fraud and passport violations carry a maximum sentence of 25 years in federal prison. Nicole Argentieri, a senior Justice Department official, praised the “dedicated law enforcement personnel and prosecutors” who worked tirelessly to bring Lang to justice.

Lang’s actions reveal a disturbing pattern of disregard for human life and a twisted pursuit of mercenary adventures. The international crime spree brought to light the dangers posed by individuals who exploit their military training for personal gain and violence.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com