Explosive Concussion: Key Bridge Section Crashes into Deep


Demolition Success: Baltimore’s Key Bridge Returns to Life

In a dramatic display of engineering prowess, the entangled remains of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, have succumbed to a precision demolition, sending large sections of the collapsed structure crashing into the Patapsco River below.

Explosives Dethrone the Wreckage

On Monday, carefully placed explosives were detonated with surgical accuracy, severing the steel truss bridge from the grounded Dali container ship. Video footage captured the thunderous explosion, followed by a billowing plume of black smoke as the mangled metal plunged into the water, sending a surge of water crashing against the ship’s bow.

Rescue and Recovery Operations Proceed

Crews will now meticulously assess the remaining bridge debris on the ship’s bow and remove any underwater obstacles hindering the Dali’s refloating. This laborious process, described as “peeling back an onion,” will determine when the ship can be successfully freed from the bridge’s grip.

A Welcome Milestone

The successful detonation of explosives marked a significant milestone in the complex recovery operation. “This is a very big milestone,” declared Col. Estee Pinchasin, Baltimore District Commander for the Army Corps of Engineers. “We don’t anticipate needing any more explosives at this point.”

Relief for Baltimore’s Economy

The restoration of the Key Bridge is eagerly awaited, not only for the safe passage of maritime traffic but also for its critical role in Baltimore’s economy. The bridge collapse halted vital port operations, impacting thousands of dockworkers, truckers, and businesses.

Investigation Continues

While the demolition of the bridge debris brings hope to the city, the investigation into the collapse continues. The National Transportation Safety Board and FBI are delving into the circumstances that led to the disaster, including the mayday call from the Dali crew reporting a loss of power and steering control.

Dali Crew Endurance

Throughout the ordeal, the 21-member crew of the Dali has remained on board, witnessing the demolition from their confined quarters. Miraculously, they reported no injuries during or after the explosion.


  • Milestone Reached: Explosives successfully demolish the largest remaining section of the collapsed Key Bridge, trapped on the Dali container ship.
  • Ongoing Assessment: Crews meticulously examine the remaining debris, ensuring the ship’s safe refloating.
  • Economic Relief: The restoration of the Key Bridge holds vital importance for Baltimore’s economy, unlocking maritime traffic and supporting local businesses.
  • Investigation Progresses: NTSB and FBI continue their probe into the circumstances leading to the bridge collapse, including the loss of power reported by the Dali crew.
  • Courage of the Dali Crew: The 21-member crew endured the demolition safely, demonstrating their unwavering resilience.