“FAIR AND SQUARE” – Nikki Haley Exposes Efforts to Keep Trump off Ballot


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‘FAIR AND SQUARE’ – Nikki Haley addresses efforts to keep Trump off the ballot in multiple states.

Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is speaking out about efforts to prevent former President Donald Trump from appearing on the ballot in various states. Haley argues that these attempts are unfair and undemocratic. She believes that every candidate should have an equal opportunity to run for office.

BLUE CRUSH – Michigan wins College Football Playoff National Championship over Washington.

In an exciting game, the University of Michigan emerged as the victor in the College Football Playoff National Championship, defeating the University of Washington. The Michigan team displayed exceptional skill and determination throughout the game, securing their well-deserved victory.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN FILES – Photos of young girls on private island emerge in latest document dump.

Newly released documents related to the Jeffrey Epstein case reveal disturbing photos of young girls on his private island. These images provide further evidence of Epstein’s involvement in illegal activities and raise questions about who else may have been involved in his crimes.

UNDERGROUND BOSS – Prominent Hawaii businessman accused of running drug ring and ordering murders.

A prominent businessman from Hawaii has been accused of running a drug ring and allegedly ordering multiple murders. The shocking allegations have sent shockwaves through the community, as residents grapple with the realization that someone they once trusted could be involved in such heinous activities.

PERSONAL FOUL – Kimmel launches wild attack on Aaron Rodgers after Jeffrey Epstein jab.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has launched a scathing attack on Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers following Rodgers’ controversial comments about Jeffrey Epstein. Kimmel’s response has been met with mixed reactions, with some applauding his boldness while others criticize him for taking the issue too far.


MAKING APPEARANCES – Trump to attend DC appeals court hearing, claims immunity from prosecution in Smith case.

Former President Donald Trump is set to attend a hearing at the DC appeals court, where he will argue for immunity from prosecution in the Smith case. This high-profile appearance is expected to draw significant attention and could have far-reaching implications for Trump’s legal battles.

STAMP OF APPROVAL – Veterans group endorses Haley for president.

A prominent veterans group has officially endorsed Nikki Haley for president. The group cites her strong leadership skills and commitment to supporting veterans as the reasons behind their endorsement. This endorsement could provide a significant boost to Haley’s campaign.

‘MASSIVE’ – Firebrand Republican warns people of big Iowa surprise.

A firebrand Republican has issued a warning about a potential surprise in the upcoming Iowa elections. The politician suggests that there could be a major upset or unexpected outcome in this closely watched race. Voters and political analysts are eagerly awaiting the results.

‘TURNING THEIR BACKS’ – Former cop targets Trump, GOP opponents over ‘disgraceful’ law enforcement rhetoric 3 years after Jan 6.

A former police officer is speaking out against former President Donald Trump and other GOP opponents, accusing them of using “disgraceful” rhetoric against law enforcement. The officer points to the events of January 6, three years ago, as a turning point in the relationship between law enforcement and certain political figures.


‘MENTALLY ABUSIVE’ – Town trustee desperately cries for help, says Dem mayor’s spending could bankrupt the town.

A town trustee is raising concerns about the spending habits of a Democratic mayor, describing it as “mentally abusive” and warning that it could lead to the town’s bankruptcy. The trustee is urgently seeking help to address this issue and prevent further financial harm.

MEHDI MOVES ON – Far-left MSNBC host quits network after show canceled.

A far-left MSNBC host has made the decision to leave the network after their show was canceled. The host is now exploring new opportunities and is expected to continue advocating for their progressive ideals through other platforms.

‘TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL’ – Ohio pastor who opened up his church’s doors to the homeless is facing criminal charges for zoning violations.

An Ohio pastor who welcomed homeless individuals into his church is now facing criminal charges for alleged zoning violations. The pastor and his supporters argue that he should be praised for his humanitarian efforts rather than being treated like a criminal.

‘WHEN THE BAD THINGS HAPPEN’ – Former CIA officer says ‘90210’ star got a lot ‘right’ in Hollywood attack.

A former CIA officer has praised the accuracy of a Hollywood portrayal of an attack on the famous fictional zip code ‘90210’. The officer suggests that the show depicted some aspects of such incidents correctly, shedding light on the challenges faced by law enforcement during such events.


HUGH HEWITT – Trump should name his vice president and cabinet now.

Opinion writer Hugh Hewitt argues that former President Donald Trump should announce his vice president and cabinet picks sooner rather than later. Hewitt believes that this would give Trump a head start in the 2024 election and allow for a smoother transition if he were to win.

LIZ PEEK – Defense Secretary Austin’s bizarre behavior demands answers from Biden & Co.

Opinion writer Liz Peek calls for answers regarding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s recent bizarre behavior. Peek argues that the lack of awareness surrounding Austin’s absence highlights a concerning lack of communication and oversight within the Biden administration.


‘PERCEIVED WEAKNESS’ – Austin’s quiet hospitalization weakens US on the world stage: expert.

An expert suggests that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s recent hospitalization, kept quiet by the Pentagon, could be perceived as weakness on the world stage. This incident raises questions about the transparency and effectiveness of the current administration’s leadership.

ROYAL RUMBLES – Jeffrey Epstein connection could force King Charles to evict his brother.

The connection between Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein could have serious implications for the British royal family. Some speculate that King Charles may be forced to take action, potentially leading to the eviction of Prince Andrew from his royal duties.

SINGING A NEW TUNE – Rapper who marched with BLM is now battling antisemitism on New York City streets.

A rapper who previously participated in Black Lives Matter marches is now actively fighting against antisemitism on the streets of New York City. The rapper’s efforts to combat hate and promote unity have garnered attention and support from various communities.

A STEP AHEAD – New military budget looks to keep pace with China in critical tech.

The proposed military budget includes significant investments in critical technology to ensure that the United States remains competitive with China. This forward-thinking approach aims to maintain America’s technological edge and protect national security interests.

THE BIG DIG – Philadelphia homeowner reveals how her husky, Kobe, helped find a gas leak in front of their home by digging holes “for a purpose” – and potentially saving the whole block from disaster.

A Philadelphia homeowner shares a heartwarming story of how her husky, Kobe, inadvertently discovered a gas leak by digging holes in their front yard. This intuitive action potentially saved the entire block from a dangerous situation and highlights the remarkable bond between humans and their pets.


TOM HOMAN – This is a national security failure of huge proportions.

Tom Homan, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), discusses what he believes to be a significant national security failure. Homan argues that urgent action is needed to address this issue and protect the country.

CHRIS LANDAU – I think it’s a pipe dream.

Chris Landau, former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, shares his thoughts on a particular topic, describing it as a “pipe dream.” Landau’s perspective offers valuable insights into the challenges and complexities surrounding this issue.


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“Now, the headlines on this [Lloyd Austin] story mainly focus on the fact that the Pentagon didn’t inform people, but I think more significant is that no one seemed to notice him gone. Not the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan. Not the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, not senior White House personnel and not the president of the United States.”



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