Florida’s Sheriff Proclaims: “Law and Order, Not Palm Trees, Draw Residents”


Lee County’s Unwavering Commitment to Law and Order

The serenity of Lee County, Florida, goes beyond its captivating palm trees and pristine beaches, according to Sheriff Carmine Marceno. It stems from an unwavering commitment to “law and order” that sets the county apart from many major cities plagued by crime and insecurity.

Transparency in Action: The Fort Myers Hostage Situation

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) has demonstrated its unwavering transparency by releasing surveillance footage from a harrowing hostage situation. On February 6, a heavily armed robber, Sterling Alavache, held a man and a woman captive in a Fort Myers Bank of America.

With the female hostage’s life hanging in the balance, an elite Special Operations Unit sniper, a seasoned veteran, made a precarious decision. The sniper’s exceptional marksmanship shattered a computer monitor, piercing through Alavache and saving the hostages’ lives.

The release of this footage has sparked a viral sensation, as the sheriff believes it highlights the extraordinary efforts and professionalism of his team. The public has a right to witness the courage and precision that law enforcement officers exhibit to protect their communities.

Training for Excellence: A SWAT Team’s Remarkable Response

Sheriff Marceno emphasizes that “how you train is how you perform.” The LCSO’s commitment to excellence reflects in the extraordinary handling of the hostage situation. The seamless coordination among every level of the department exemplifies the value of rigorous training.

The department believes in deploying the finest technology available, empowering its officers with the tools and resources they need to respond effectively to any threat. As Marceno proudly states, “Our SWAT sniper is an absolute hero, and the entire team deserves recognition for their unwavering dedication.”

A Stark Contrast: The Failure of Other Justice Systems

While Lee County prides itself on its commitment to law and order, Sheriff Marceno expresses concern about the “failed policies” in some other major cities, particularly those that allow violent criminals to roam the streets and reoffend with impunity.

In his view, these other jurisdictions have failed to uphold their duty to protect citizens. In contrast, Florida remains a bastion of justice and accountability, where criminals face swift consequences for their actions.

A Message of Strength: “No One Gets to Kill an Innocent Person in My County”

Sheriff Marceno concludes with a powerful declaration: “No one gets to kill an innocent person in my county.” His unwavering resolve to maintain peace and security throughout Lee County serves as a testament to the vital role of law enforcement in creating a society where law-abiding citizens can live without fear.

Through transparency, exceptional training, and a deep commitment to justice, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office continues to set an exemplary standard for law enforcement, ensuring that the serene landscapes of Lee County are not tarnished by the scourge of violence.