Former Coworker’s Backpack of Secrets: Gun, Knife, and More


Home Invasion Attempt Foiled: Man Arrested with Backpack of Suspicious Items

On June 1st, the tranquility of an Oakland County home was shattered around 1:20 a.m. when Levi Trahern Smith, a former coworker and past romantic interest of the homeowner, breached the side door in an apparent attempt to enter the residence.

Alert to the intrusion, the homeowner swiftly activated her panic alarm and captured the fleeing suspect’s image on her Ring doorbell footage.

Swift Police Response

Royal Oak Police acted swiftly, apprehending Smith in the immediate vicinity. Upon searching his backpack, they discovered a chilling array of items that raised serious concerns: a loaded handgun, a large knife, handcuffs, rope, masks, a hammer, a crowbar, duct tape, latex gloves, and more.

Suspect’s Past Involvement

Investigators unearthed a history between Smith and the victim, indicating that he had previously exhibited romantic interest in her. Authorities suspect that Smith specifically targeted the woman for this malicious act.

Charges and Arraignment

On Tuesday, Smith faced justice, arraigned on charges of first-degree attempted home invasion, a five-year felony, and one felony firearm violation, punishable by a two-year sentence. His bond has been set at ,000, and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 14.

Law Enforcement Applauds Victim’s Courage

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald praised the victim’s vigilance and promptness in contacting law enforcement. “Her call to 911 and the swift response of the Royal Oak Police averted a potentially far graver outcome,” she stated.

Royal Oak Police Chief Michael Moore commended the exceptional police work that apprehended the suspect. “The quick thinking of the officers prevented a much worse incident from unfolding,” he said.

Community Vigilance

Investigators urge anyone with additional information about this case or Smith’s activities to contact the Royal Oak Police Department at 248-246-3519 or 248-246-3456.

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