Gabby Petito’s Hidden Letters: Unlocking the Mystery


Revealed: Gabby Petito’s Heartbreaking Letter to Brian Laundrie

In a poignant and previously unseen letter released by the FBI, Gabby Petito reached out to Brian Laundrie amidst unknown troubles, pleading with him to stop crying.

The handwritten pages, believed to have been written before their ill-fated road trip, offer a glimpse into the troubled couple’s relationship. “Please stop crying and stop calling me names,” Gabby wrote in an undated letter. “Because we’re a team. We’re in this together.”

Brian Laundrie’s Troubling Journal Entries

The FBI release also included chilling excerpts from Brian Laundrie’s journals, revealing his dark thoughts and suicidal tendencies. In one entry, he wrote of keeping a revolver under his mattress and discussed ending his life. Sketches and personal belongings from both Gabby and Brian further paint a picture of the troubled and enigmatic couple.

FBI Suspicions from the Outset

Despite Gabby’s attempts to soothe her boyfriend, the FBI suspected foul play from the moment she was reported missing in September 2021. An unclassified document penned by an agent just days later requested a federal kidnapping and murder investigation for Petito’s disappearance on public lands.

Petito Family’s Forgiveness

Gabby’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, recently found it in her heart to forgive Brian Laundrie, stating that she needed to release herself from “the chains of anger and bitterness.” She emphasized that her forgiveness was personal and did not condone Laundrie’s actions.

Legacy of Gabby Petito

In the aftermath of Gabby’s tragic death, her family and stepparents established the Gabby Petito Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating domestic violence and raising awareness for missing persons. They have been instrumental in advocating for several laws aimed at protecting victims.

The release of these documents is a sobering reminder of the dangers of domestic violence and the often-hidden dynamics that can lead to tragedy. It underscores the importance of recognizing and addressing signs of abuse, seeking help when needed, and supporting organizations like the Gabby Petito Foundation in their fight against this scourge.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). You are not alone.