Gator Intercepted Outside Restaurant, Deputies Use Broom In Escort


Alligator’s Unexpected Breakfast Plans Thwarted in Florida

Imagine arriving at your favorite breakfast spot to find an unexpected diner—a nearly 5-foot alligator! That’s exactly what greeted employees at Peach’s Restaurant in Bradenton, Florida, last week.

Breakfast Interrupted

As the Peach’s team prepared to open their doors at 6 a.m., they were met with a rather scaly surprise. Resting patiently by the entrance was a hefty alligator, unfazed by the human activity around it.

Undeterred, the deputies sprang into action. Using a trusty broom as their unlikely weapon, they gently coaxed the gator away from the busy restaurant storefront.

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Gator Relocation Mission

The unexpected encounter took a comical turn as the alligator was pushed down a ramp, its legs moving humorously from side to side. Once near a wooded area, the gator resisted briefly before crawling up the curb and disappearing into the greenery, leaving behind a tale of breakfast interrupted.

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Safety First

While the incident ended humorously, wildlife officials remind residents to maintain a safe distance from alligators in the wild. These creatures can be dangerous if provoked, and it’s best to contact the Florida Wildlife Corporation (FWC) at their Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-FWC-GATOR for professional assistance with any possible alligator encounters.

And so, Peach’s Restaurant’s breakfast rush was delayed, not by a snowstorm or icy roads, but by an unexpected and strangely determined alligator who simply wanted to be a part of the morning routine.