Grave Dilemma: Floods Uproot History in West Virginia


Death in Floodwaters

Tragedy struck West Virginia as torrential rains unleashed a catastrophic deluge, leaving behind a grim toll. In Wood County, bordering the Ohio River, a vehicle became ensnared in the rising waters, submerging and tragically claiming the life of a male occupant. Amid the murky depths, divers courageously retrieved the vehicle, but the victim’s identity remains undisclosed.

State of Emergency Declared

Governor Jim Justice swiftly issued a state of emergency for Wood, Ohio, and five neighboring counties in response to the widespread devastation caused by the relentless storms. Downed trees, shuttered power lines, impassable roads, and landslides were among the widespread aftermath, painting a bleak landscape of destruction.

Historic Cemetery Desecrated

One of the most poignant scenes unfolded at the historic Mt. Zion Cemetery in Wheeling, Ohio County. The relentless floodwaters triggered a devastating landslide, tearing at the hallowed ground and uprooting approximately 200 tombstones. For centuries, this sanctified resting place has borne witness to the lives of countless souls, including 400 valiant veterans. The outrage over this desecration is palpable, as the community mourns the violated dignity of the departed.

Maintaining Hope

Despite the overwhelming devastation, there are glimmers of hope. Volunteers who lovingly tend to the cemetery’s well-being have reported that while topsoil and monuments sustained damage, the sacred caskets containing the remains of the departed remain intact. Charles Yocke, President of the Wheeling Mt. Zion Cemetery Corporation, expressed his gratitude for the tireless efforts of volunteers who are working tirelessly to restore the cemetery. Their unwavering dedication is a beacon of hope in these trying times.

Call for Assistance

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The Wheeling Mt. Zion Cemetery Corporation is appealing for support as they endeavor to mend the wounds inflicted upon this beloved burial ground. The community is urged to lend a helping hand in restoring this hallowed space to its former glory, ensuring that the tranquility and dignity of the departed are preserved for generations to come.

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