In the Wake of Trump Trials, Judge Considers Dismissal Motion After Prosecution Concludes Case: Is This the End?


**Trump Outmaneuvers Biden in Latest Fundraising Battle**

Former President Donald Trump has surged ahead of President Joe Biden in April’s campaign fundraising, showcasing his sustained political clout. According to recent filings, Trump’s war chest has significantly increased, fueling speculation about his potential 2024 presidential bid.

**Political Showdown Heats Up as Georgia Takes Center Stage**

Georgia is set to host one of the primary’s biggest battles on Tuesday. Embattled Trump prosecutor Fani Willis faces an uphill battle to retain her position as district attorney amid mounting pressure. Five states, including Georgia, will hold elections, setting the stage for a pivotal test of the political landscape.

**MSNBC Stunned as Michael Cohen Admits Pilfering from Trump Organization**

Michael Cohen, a key witness in the Manhattan District Attorney’s case against the Trump Organization, has confessed to stealing thousands of dollars from the company. The revelation sparked shockwaves among MSNBC and CNN hosts, who had previously championed Cohen’s credibility.

**Cohen Confession Threatens Prosecution’s Case**

Legal experts speculate that Michael Cohen’s admission of theft may undermine the prosecution’s plans. Attorney Gregg Jarrett believes the disclosure could be a game-changer, potentially sinking the case against the Trump Organization.

**Senator Rubio: Open Border Policy Invites ISIS into the United States**

Senator Marco Rubio, a fierce critic of the Biden administration, has warned that the open border policy poses a significant security risk. He claims that ISIS members are exploiting the relaxed border controls to enter the United States, putting the nation in jeopardy.

**Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld Clash Over Trump’s Legacy**

In a lively debate on Fox News, Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld ignited a heated discussion about Donald Trump’s presidency. Maher argued that judging the past by today’s standards is unfair, while Gutfeld maintained that it is essential to scrutinize the former president’s actions.

**Pope Francis Declares ‘Conservative Attitude’ Suicidal**

Pope Francis has stirred controversy with his recent comments, suggesting that a “conservative attitude” is akin to “a suicidal attitude.” In a rare interview, he emphasized the need for open-mindedness and flexibility, sparking debate within the Catholic Church.

**Inside the Fight for Asylum Seekers in Blue Cities**

President Biden faces increasing pressure from Democratic officials to accelerate the processing of migrant asylum seekers in blue cities. This move aims to alleviate the backlog and address the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

**The Anatomy of a Political Cartoon**

**Man Hides in Dryer to Evade Police for Months**

In a bizarre twist of events, a man wanted by police for over two months has been discovered hiding inside a clothes dryer. The fugitive’s unconventional hiding spot sparked amusement and disbelief among law enforcement officers.

**Guy Fieri Defends Healthy Lifestyle Amid Unfounded Criticism**

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has hit back at claims that his cuisine is unhealthy. Known for his bold flavors and “Flavortown” persona, Fieri insists that his food can fit into a balanced diet and promotes enjoyment without compromising well-being.

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