Incredible: Woman Survives Four Nights Stranded in Angeles National Forest


Survivor Found After Four Nights in Angeles National Forest

A woman’s incredible story of survival has emerged from the Angeles National Forest in California. After her truck plunged off a cliff, she spent four nights stranded in freezing temperatures. The woman, who was avoiding a collision with a deer, veered off Mount Baldy Road and into an embankment near mile marker 3.3. She was finally found on Sunday afternoon and airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

A Miraculous Rescue

The woman’s survival is being hailed as a New Year’s miracle. Engine Capt. Matt Brossard of the U.S. Forest Service described the harsh conditions she endured, with freezing temperatures and constant rain. It was sheer luck that a hiker stumbled upon her and alerted rescuers.

Incredible: Woman Survives Four Nights Stranded in Angeles National Forest

The crash reportedly happened on Mount Baldy Road mile marker 3.3 on Jan. 3, 2024.

A Battle with the Elements

During her time stranded in the forest, the survivor faced extreme cold, wet conditions, and limited resources. It is believed that she suffered from hypothermia, dehydration, malnourishment, and possibly a leg injury. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy highlighted the severity of her condition.

Common Accidents on Mountain Roads

According to Engine Capt. Matt Brossard, accidents like this one are not uncommon on mountain roads. Many factors contribute to these accidents, including driving too fast for the conditions and unfamiliarity with the roadway. However, the woman’s survival against all odds is truly remarkable.

Travel Tips for Inclement Weather

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has issued travel tips to help people navigate the inclement weather. These tips include avoiding mountain travel and checking road conditions before embarking on a journey.

A photo of Mt. Baldy with snow

Mount Baldy in California (Getty Images)


The story of this woman’s survival in the Angeles National Forest is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite facing freezing temperatures and harsh conditions, she managed to hold on until help arrived. It serves as a reminder for all of us to be cautious when driving in inclement weather and to take extra precautions in unfamiliar areas. The importance of preparedness and staying informed about road conditions cannot be overstated. Let this incredible tale of survival be a lesson to us all.