Iranian Leader Lauds US College Students Protesting Israel: “Standing on History’s Right Side”


American College Anti-Israel Protests Earn Praise from Iran’s Supreme Leader

Standing for the Rightful Side of History

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, has showered accolades upon American college students who have bravely raised their voices against the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In a remarkable letter, Khamenei hailed their actions, applauding their stand on the “rightful side of history.”

Lauding the students’ unwavering stance, Khamenei penned, “Dear university students of the United States of America, your voices echo the clarion call of justice. You are standing on the side of truth and humanity, fighting the good fight against oppression.”

Condemning the Importation of Terror

Khamenei then launched into a sharp condemnation of the historical forces that he claimed brought terror to the Middle East. He alleged that after the World Wars, “Western powers, with Britain’s complicity,” orchestrated an influx of thousands of terrorists into the region. These malicious actors, Khamenei asserted, carried out heinous attacks, seizing land and establishing a foreign regime upon it, which they audaciously named Israel.

Resisting the Zionist Elite

The supreme leader painted a somber picture of the powerful “global Zionist elite” that, according to him, holds sway over Western media. Khamenei maintains that this elite has unjustly labeled the nonviolent resistance of college students as “terrorism,” a term he decries as a gross mischaracterization of their courageous actions.

Solidarity with Students and Faculty

Khamenei extended his heartfelt support to the students and faculty members who have participated in the anti-Israel demonstrations. Expressing his admiration for their tenacity, he acknowledged the challenges they face, including police brutality and government pressure.

“The solidarity shown by your professors is a testament to their courage and integrity,” he wrote. “May their support bolster your spirits and strengthen your resolve. Know that you are not alone in your fight for justice.”

The Seeds of a New Resistance Front

Khamenei’s words carried a message of empowerment, urging the students to see themselves as the torchbearers of a new global resistance movement. He evoked the image of college campuses as bastions of free thought and a breeding ground for change.

“You, dear students, have planted the seeds of a new Resistance Front,” he declared. “The world is watching your actions with hope and admiration. Your voices will resonate long after the current conflict subsides, inspiring generations to come.”

As the Iran-Israel tensions continue to escalate, Khamenei’s message of support for pro-Palestine protests in America serves as a reminder of the global scope of this conflict. The students’ unwavering stance against violence and oppression, coupled with their growing international solidarity, gives hope for a more peaceful and just future.

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