Maine’s Floating Wind Dream: Milestone Reached in Offshore Development


Maine Blazes a Green Trail: Research Lease Approval for Offshore Wind Project

A momentous milestone has been reached in Maine’s pursuit of embracing the transformative power of ocean wind energy. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has completed an environmental review that grants the green light for a pioneering offshore wind research lease to proceed to the next stage of development, including a crucial power-purchase agreement.

Maine’s Bold Venture

The state of Maine has envisioned an ambitious project to erect 12 towering offshore wind turbines, each capable of generating a formidable 144 megawatts of clean electricity. These turbines will be anchored on innovative floating platforms designed by the University of Maine. The proposed location for this groundbreaking project lies approximately 28 nautical miles off the coast, southeast of Portland.

Environmental Assessment Finds Favorable Results

The BOEM’s comprehensive assessment of the proposed site revealed no significant environmental impacts, paving the way for Maine to move forward with the project. This positive finding signals a major step towards harnessing the abundant offshore wind resources in the Gulf of Maine.

A Historic Achievement

Governor Janet Mills, a staunch advocate for clean energy, hailed the lease approval as a significant milestone for Maine. She acknowledged the state’s pioneering role in responsibly developing this burgeoning industry, which holds great promise for the future.

Offshore wind turbine
The University of Maine’s groundbreaking floating offshore wind turbine prototype

First of Its Kind in the US

According to Jack Shapiro, representing the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the project is poised to become the first floating offshore wind farm in the United States. This groundbreaking initiative holds the potential to create employment opportunities, protect natural resources, and supply Maine with a substantial amount of clean, reliable energy.

Future Steps

While additional approvals are still required, the research lease represents a pivotal step forward. The project is on track to set the stage for future developments in the offshore wind industry, reinforcing Maine’s position as a leader in clean energy innovation.

Key Takeaways

  • Maine has secured a research lease for an offshore wind project featuring 12 turbines on floating platforms.
  • The environmental assessment has cleared the path for further development, including a power-purchase agreement.
  • The project is set to become the first floating offshore wind farm in the US.
  • The state of Maine is committed to responsibly developing the offshore wind industry to create jobs and provide clean energy.