Mother’s Day Horror: Woman Stabbed in Daylight Near Times Square


Mothers’ Day Stabbing in Times Square Leaves Family Traumatized

A Family’s Nightmare

In a shocking and unprovoked attack that has left a family traumatized, a 36-year-old mother was stabbed near Times Square on Saturday evening. Amber Lohr, a chaperone for a group of schoolgirls on a class trip, was brutally assaulted by a man with a kitchen knife.

“We don’t feel safe there,” her husband, John Lohr, told LA News Center. The family shared their harrowing account of the incident, vowing never to return to New York City.

Shocking Surveillance Footage

Surveillance footage captured the chilling moment the attack unfolded. A man, later identified as 61-year-old Cyril Destin, exited Port Gourmet Deli, placed his walker against the building, and sat down. Wearing a fluorescent green shirt and orange hat, he lit a cigarette, reached into his jacket, and pulled out a large kitchen knife.

With swift and unhesitant moves, Destin lunged toward Lohr and her group, slashing her chest. The footage shows her blood-soaked clothes as she remained steadfast, protectively coaching the children to retreat without turning around.

A Heroine’s Bravery

Despite her severe injuries, Lohr’s husband hailed her as a “hero.” “My wife not only took the stabbing but should also be considered a hero for remaining in front of the children,” he said.

Her courageous actions ensured the safety of the schoolgirls, despite the horrifying ordeal they had witnessed.

A Troubled Past and Ongoing Threat

Destin has been arrested 24 times in the past 20 years for various offenses. “This man will strike again, and maybe the next person may not be as fortunate,” Lohr warned.

The Lohrs urged authorities to keep Destin behind bars, stating, “He doesn’t only need to be jailed but institutionalized permanently.” The suspect, who resides in a shelter across the street from the crime scene, has been charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

A Call for Justice

The Lohrs expressed their determination to fight for justice. “I will not accept anything but the max sentence for him,” John Lohr declared. “This man has a history of erratic and destructive behavior,” according to police sources.

“This stabbing could have been much worse,” Lohr said, grateful that his wife had not been more seriously injured. However, the emotional scars of the incident will likely linger for years to come.

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