Mysterious Deaths of Elderly Couple in South Carolina Home: What Caused the Extreme Temperatures?


Elderly Couple Found Dead in South Carolina Home with Extreme Temperatures

In a tragic incident, an elderly couple was discovered dead in their Spartanburg home over the weekend. The interior of the house registered a scorching temperature of 120 degrees when authorities arrived. The couple has been identified as 84-year-old Joan Littlejohn and 82-year-old Glennwood Fowler, according to the coroner’s office.

Spartanburg neighborhood

The Spartanburg neighborhood where the elderly couple was found dead over the weekend.  (Google Maps)

The couple’s family had visited the home last Wednesday after receiving complaints from the couple about the cold temperature. Concerned for their well-being, the family contacted the authorities when they hadn’t heard from them for three days.

First responders entered the house through a bedroom window and made a devastating discovery. The elderly couple was found lifeless. Shockingly, their temperatures exceeded the highest measurement on the thermometer, which is 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Police Lights Crime Scene

Fire officials disconnected the heater and a paramedic contacted the county coroner’s office.  (iStock)

The Spartanburg fire officials, who responded to the scene, measured the temperature inside the house at a shocking 120 degrees. In an attempt to understand the cause of this extreme heat, firefighters ventured into the basement where the heater was located. Through the use of thermal imaging cameras, they discovered that the heater was operating at a staggering 1,000 degrees.

Following the discovery, the firefighters immediately disconnected the malfunctioning heater. Additionally, a paramedic contacted the county coroner’s office for further investigation.

Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding the Tragedy

Coroner Rusty Clevenger ruled out foul play in his initial report. However, he expressed concerns about the unusually high temperature inside the home. “We followed through with forensic exams this morning that will require more testing,” Clevenger stated. “CO2 is one test as it was mentioned in the police report. We will continue to investigate.”

The Spartanburg Police Department has not provided additional information regarding the incident at this time.


The untimely deaths of Joan Littlejohn and Glennwood Fowler have left their family and community in shock. The extreme temperatures inside their Spartanburg home raise many questions about what could have caused such a tragic outcome. As authorities continue their investigation, their loved ones mourn the loss of these two individuals who were cherished members of their community.