Not Just a Number: Elderly Inmate Earns Medical Freedom after Life Sentence


Penn inmate granted release amid life-threatening illness

In a poignant turn of events, Ezra Bozeman, an ailing inmate serving a life sentence in Pennsylvania for a 1975 killing, has been granted medical release by a compassionate judge. This dramatic decision comes amidst Mr. Bozeman’s deteriorating health, as he battles complications from quadriplegia and sepsis that have left him on a ventilator in intensive care.

A glimmer of hope amidst adversity

Mr. Bozeman’s release petition garnered support from Governor Josh Shapiro and the superintendent of the state prison where he has been incarcerated. Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, however, had opposed the petition. Nevertheless, Judge Susan Evashavik DiLucente ultimately granted the compassionate release, allowing Mr. Bozeman to seek treatment in a private medical facility.

Ezra Bozeman released from prison due to illness

Ezra Bozeman, pictured before his incarceration

A second chance at life

Pennsylvania’s compassionate release law provides a lifeline for seriously ill inmates who are expected to die within a year. Mr. Bozeman’s lawyers expressed hope that his condition will stabilize, allowing him to be transferred to a long-term care facility where he can receive the necessary support and comfort.

Maintaining hope despite a tragic past

Mr. Bozeman’s conviction for killing Morris Weitz during a 1975 robbery has always been shrouded in controversy. He has maintained his innocence, claiming he was not involved in the incident and that a key witness against him has recanted his testimony.

A legacy of resilience and dignity

Despite being wrongly accused and spending decades behind bars, Mr. Bozeman has remained a beacon of hope for others. Sean Damon of the Amistad Law Project described him as a “shining example of what it means to live as a dignified human being.”

A new chapter unfolds

As Mr. Bozeman’s legal battle reaches a critical juncture and his medical condition remains precarious, his release offers a glimmer of hope. It is a testament to both the power of compassion and the pursuit of justice that he has been granted a second chance.

Additional legal support

Bozeman was represented by the Abolitionist Law Center and Amistad Law Project in his petition for compassionate release. His unwavering dedication to his innocence and his enduring spirit have inspired his legal team and countless others who believe in the promise of redemption.

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