Over 1 Million Veterans Receive Benefits from Burn Pit Exposure Law


Biden Reaches New Milestone in Veterans’ Aid with PACT Act

President Joe Biden is embarking on a mission to New Hampshire, emphasizing the transformative impact of the PACT Act. Signed into law in August 2022, this legislation has profoundly improved the well-being of veterans, whose health was compromised by toxic exposure during their service.

Unprecedented Assistance for Veterans

Since its enactment, the PACT Act has granted over 1 million claims, benefiting nearly 888,000 veterans across the nation. This outpouring of support has resulted in an impressive .7 billion distributed to veterans and their families.

Righting a Wrong for Fallen Heroes

“For far too long, our veterans have been unjustly burdened with the healthcare struggles following their courageous service,” said Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough. “The PACT Act is a resounding victory, acknowledging the sacrifice these individuals have made and the responsibility we have to care for them.”

A Personal Crusade for Biden

The PACT Act holds a profound personal significance for President Biden. His belief that burn pits caused his son Beau’s tragic death has fueled his relentless advocacy for this legislation. Burn pits, prevalent in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been associated with the creation of toxic fumes from the incineration of chemicals, materials, and waste.

Reversing the Denial of Past

Prior to the PACT Act, the Department of Veterans Affairs dismissed 70% of disability claims related to burn pit exposure. However, under this new law, the VA must presume a connection between certain respiratory conditions and cancers with burn pits and other toxic exposures, without requiring veterans to provide definitive proof.

A Brighter Future for Veterans

The PACT Act represents a beacon of hope for veterans, recognizing the long-overlooked sacrifices they endured. Its far-reaching benefits have eased the financial burdens, improved access to quality healthcare, and provided a sense of justice for these deserving individuals and their families.

Image Insert: President Joe Biden speaking in the Rose Garden of the White House