Ravenel Bridge Shutdown: Out-of-Control Cargo Ship Speeding Through Harbor


**Unbridled Cargo Ship Rampages Through South Carolina Harbor**

Charleston, SC – A colossal cargo ship unleashed chaos through Charleston Harbor on Wednesday after its engines failed, sending it hurtling nearly full throttle beneath the Ravenel Bridge, one of the state’s busiest thoroughfares.

Disaster Averted

With lightning-fast reflexes, harbor pilots deftly guided the 1,000-foot ship, which was hurtling at speeds of nearly 20 mph, under the towering Ravenel Bridge, averting a potential catastrophe. The Coast Guard swiftly sprang into action, anchoring the rogue vessel several miles offshore for further investigation.

Bridge Closure and Swift Response

Recognizing the imminent threat, law enforcement officers expeditiously cleared the eight-lane bridge of both traffic and pedestrians, ensuring the safety of all. The swift and efficient closure prevented any harm to the public as the Michigan 7 sailed beneath the bridge’s towering span.

Missed Disaster

Despite the chaotic scene, the only recorded damage resulted from the ship’s powerful wake, which grounded a small boat, resulting in minor injuries to two individuals.

The Ship and Its Operator

The out-of-control ship, registered to Mediterranean Shipping Company and originating from Charleston’s port, remains moored several miles offshore, awaiting the Coast Guard’s findings. The company has yet to comment on the incident.

Concern and Caution

“We don’t want to speculate about a potential disaster, but whenever a vessel loses control of its propulsion, it is concerning,” said Coast Guard Commander Randy Preston at a press conference.

Bridge Design and Resilience

Engineers emphasize that the Ravenel Bridge’s unique design, constructed to withstand severe winds and hurricanes, played a crucial role in preventing a far more catastrophic outcome.

Swift Collaboration

“The communication among all parties involved was exceptional,” said Charleston Police Chief Chito Walker, commending the timely collaboration between the Coast Guard, harbor pilots, and law enforcement. “Swift action by all prevented any fatalities or serious injuries.”

Return to Safety

After exiting the bridge area, the ship’s crew regained control and safely anchored approximately 10 miles off the coast.

Key Facts

  • The Ravenel Bridge, a vital artery connecting Mount Pleasant and Charleston, accommodates around 100,000 vehicles daily.
  • Its towering main deck sits 186 feet above the Cooper River, while its impressive towers reach 575 feet above sea level.
  • The bridge’s robust design enables it to withstand winds of up to 300 mph, surpassing the force of any recorded hurricane.

    Data sourced from: foxnews.com