“Residents Trapped in Boarded-Up Apartments: Shocking Photos Expose Unsafe Living Conditions in Harvey, Illinois”


Residents Trapped in Boarded-Up Apartments in Harvey, Illinois

Residents of an apartment building in Harvey, Illinois found themselves trapped inside their units when their doors and windows were boarded shut. The incident came to light after videos circulated on social media, raising concerns among the public.

“Residents Trapped in Boarded-Up Apartments: Shocking Photos Expose Unsafe Living Conditions in Harvey, Illinois”

Some Harvey, Illinois residents were reportedly trapped inside their units after they were boarded up on Friday. (FOX 32 Chicago)

Rudolph Williams, one of the trapped residents, revealed that he had not heard anyone knocking on his door before it was boarded up. Photos of the apartment complex showed more than 30 units with non-occupancy orders.

The City of Harvey, in a Facebook post, clarified that they did not evict anyone from the property but had communicated with the owners about the unsafe conditions and the urgent need to rectify them.

Holes in stairs

Harvey, Illinois Halsted Street apartments were boarded up after the building’s structural integrity became compromised. (City of Harvey)

The City of Harvey shared photos of the deplorable living conditions and major structural concerns at the apartment complex on social media. The images depicted broken concrete, rusted holes in staircases, garbage piles, and overflowing dumpsters on the property grounds.

The city had launched an investigation into the property in October 2023 due to structural issues and collapsed stair risers. They also noted numerous 911 calls reporting illegal activities at the location.

During a meeting with the property owners, Jay Patel and Henry Cho, the city recommended hiring a structural engineer to assess the damages. The owners were given a two-week period to hire the contractor and were urged to block the stairs temporarily for safety. The city emphasized the need for residents to find alternative housing and communicated the building’s evacuation deadline of October 28.

Multiple assessments were conducted between October 28 and December 14, during which the city’s building department identified two buildings as posing an imminent safety risk due to deteriorating balconies and stairs.

Garbage at the apartment complex

Garbage was strewn on the property grounds at an apartment complex on Halsted Street in Harvey, Illinois. (City of Harvey)

On Friday, while city police conducted inspections and wellness checks, the property owners boarded up both buildings. The City of Harvey stated that they had reached out to Mayor Christopher J. Clark for comment but had not received a response at the time.