“Setting Expectations: DeSantis Drops a Bombshell at Iowa Caucuses”


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Setting Expectations: DeSantis Moves the Goalposts for Iowa Caucuses

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, made waves at a recent Fox News town hall in Des Moines, Iowa. During the event, DeSantis discussed his plans for the upcoming Iowa caucuses and hinted at a potential shift in expectations. This move has sparked intrigue and speculation among political pundits and voters alike.

‘Heads to Roll’: Defense Department Criticized for Hiding Sec. Austin’s ICU Stay

The media, Democrats, and officials from the Biden administration are expressing outrage over the Defense Department’s decision to hide Secretary Austin’s stay in the ICU. This controversial move has raised questions about transparency and accountability within the department.

Code Words: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Email Controversy

Newly released files from the Epstein case reveal that Ghislaine Maxwell fought against searches of her email for hundreds of terms. These code words, many of which are associated with illegal activities, have raised suspicions and added another layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

Heartland’s Safe Haven: Christian School Takes Action

In response to regular threats, a Christian school has decided to arm and train its staff to protect students. This bold move has ignited a nationwide debate about school safety and the role of firearms in educational institutions.

Center Stage: Trump Faces Tough Questions at Fox News Town Hall

Former President Donald Trump found himself in the hot seat during a recent Fox News town hall. Hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier didn’t hold back, asking him tough questions about his presidency and his future plans. The event provided a fascinating glimpse into Trump’s mindset and political aspirations.


‘Unacceptable’: White House Criticized for Housing Migrants at National Park

The White House is facing backlash for its decision to house migrants at a national park. Critics argue that this move is not only inappropriate but also goes against the principles of preserving and protecting our natural resources.

Contempt Vote? House Oversight and Judiciary Consider Resolution Against Hunter Biden

The House Oversight and Judiciary committees are considering a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt. This development comes amidst ongoing investigations into his business dealings and potential conflicts of interest.

‘Regulatory Onslaught’: Energy Group Warns of Biden’s Agenda

A prominent energy group has launched a massive ad blitz, warning that President Biden’s agenda may “sow the seeds” for the next energy crisis. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the potential consequences of certain policies and regulations.

Zoom Zoom: Former NASCAR Driver Receives Endorsement from House Speaker

A former NASCAR driver turned GOP candidate has received a major endorsement from the House speaker. This unexpected alliance has generated excitement and speculation within political circles.


‘Greener Pastures’: Americans Ditch Dense Areas for Nature-Rich State

Residents explain why more and more Americans are leaving dense urban areas in favor of a nature-rich state. This trend reflects a growing desire for open spaces, fresh air, and a simpler way of life.

‘We Will Lose This’: Joy Behar Voices Concerns About Media’s Treatment of GOP

Co-host of ‘The View,’ Joy Behar, expresses her worries about the country falling apart if the media continues to treat the GOP with leniency. This candid statement highlights the deep political divide and the role of media in shaping public opinion.

‘Discrediting Our Work’: PragerU Responds to ‘Meet the Press’ Hit Piece

PragerU, a conservative media organization, hits back at a ‘Meet the Press’ hit piece that aimed to discredit their work. This exchange underscores the ongoing debate over media bias and the importance of diverse perspectives.

‘Hole in the Plane’: Alaska Airlines Passenger Shares Terrifying Story

An Alaska Airlines passenger shares a harrowing account of an ill-fated flight that experienced a hole in the plane. This firsthand testimony serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of air travel and the importance of safety measures.


Dan Gainor: The Mouse That Bored – Disney’s Decline

In his opinion piece, Dan Gainor discusses Disney’s decline and how it has transitioned from a powerful force to a mundane entity. This analysis sheds light on the changing landscape of entertainment and consumer preferences.

Carol Roth: Government’s Mass Data Collection Program

Carol Roth delves into the government’s mass data collection program and its implications for small businesses. She raises concerns about privacy and the potential misuse of sensitive information.


Laura Ingraham: Kamala’s Candle Crisis

Laura Ingraham humorously addresses Kamala Harris’s candle crisis in a recent segment. This lighthearted take on a trivial matter adds a touch of levity to the news cycle.

Jesse Watters: Potential Landslide Victory in American Political History

Jesse Watters discusses the possibility of one of the greatest landslides in American political history. This analysis sparks excitement and anticipation among viewers, highlighting the high stakes of upcoming elections.

Sean Hannity: Sen. John Barrasso Endorses Trump

Sean Hannity shares the news of Senator John Barrasso’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president. This endorsement carries weight within the Republican party and may influence the direction of future campaigns.

Greg Gutfeld: The ‘Big Orange Monster Man’ Narrative

Greg Gutfeld humorously addresses the Democratic party’s portrayal of Donald Trump as the “big orange monster man.” This satirical take on political rhetoric offers a fresh perspective on the ongoing political divide.

In Other News

‘Invisible String’: Taylor Swift’s Prediction About Travis Kelce Relationship

A recent development suggests that Taylor Swift may have predicted the relationship between Travis Kelce and his partner. This intriguing connection between pop culture and real-life events adds an element of fun to the news cycle.

‘Never Too Late’: Surprising New Year’s Resolutions from NYC Seniors

Three seniors from New York City share their surprising New Year’s resolutions. These stories inspire and remind us that it’s never too late to pursue personal growth and happiness.

‘Reckless’: Experts Analyze Austin’s Mystery Hospital Treatment

Experts weigh in on Secretary Austin’s mystery hospital treatment, raising concerns about potential constitutional breaches. This analysis sheds light on the balance between national security and individual rights.

‘Bracing for Hikes’: Insurance Rates Set to Surge Higher

Insurance rates are expected to surge higher, prompting individuals and businesses to prepare for increased costs. This development has significant implications for consumers and the overall economy.

Ticket to Ride: Golden Retriever Enjoys Wagon Ride Through Neighborhood

Caesar, a 13-year-old golden retriever, takes a joyous wagon ride through his neighborhood. This heartwarming video brings a smile to viewers’ faces and reminds us of the simple pleasures in life.


Ted Cruz: Biden and Democrats’ Lack of Care

Ted Cruz highlights President Biden and the Democrats’ lack of care for certain issues. This compelling video sheds light on the political landscape and the importance of holding leaders accountable.

Rand Paul: Fauci’s Public Statements vs. the Truth

Rand Paul exposes the disparity between Dr. Fauci’s public statements and the truth. This eye-opening video challenges the narrative surrounding COVID-19 and raises questions about scientific integrity.

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The Last Word

“A poll shows Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in Michigan by 12 points. Now, if polls like this hold, we’re looking at one of the greatest landslides in American political history, which is why Democrats are desperate and are throwing a legal Hail Mary.” – Jesse Watters

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