Sinister Shadow: Ex-Con Implicated in Grisly Murder Spree, Indictment Unveils


Chilling Revelation: Suspected Serial Killer Indicted in Portland Murders


LA News Center has unveiled unsettling details about a horrifying series of murders that have shaken the city of Portland. A grand jury has indicted Jesse Lee Calhoun, 39, an ex-convict, in connection with three murders in the area, adding to his chilling history as a suspected serial killer with multiple other linked deaths.

A Trail of Cold Cases:

In recent months, the remains of several women have been discovered in wooded areas surrounding Portland. The victims’ identities: Joanna Speaks, 32; Charity Lynn Perry, 24; Bridget Leann Webster, 31; Ashley Real, 22; and Kristin Smith, 22, have brought anguish to their families and fear to the community.

Dark History Unravels:

Calhoun, a known career criminal, has a lengthy rap sheet of prior convictions, including car theft, burglary, and assault. Despite his previous crimes, Calhoun received a lenient sentence in 2021 due to a program offering leniency to prisoners willing to fight wildfires.

Leniency and Horror:

Calhoun’s 2021 release marked his second time out of prison. He had previously served a sentence for assault conviction from 2009 to 2011. Despite his checkered past,当局 showed him leniency, only to witness a string of homicides unfold.

Arrested and Indicted:

Calhoun’s true nature came to light last year when he was apprehended. After an extensive investigation spanning multiple counties, police placed him under arrest in connection with the murders. Now, a grand jury has indicted him on three counts of second-degree murder and three counts of abuse of a corpse,正式将他与这些令人发指的罪行联系在一起。

Seeking Justice for the Victims:

Portland Police encourage anyone with information about these cases to come forward and assist in bringing justice to the victims and their bereaved families. Contact Detective Jeff Pontius or Detective Stephen Gandy to share your insights.

Troubling Pattern Emerges:

Maps obtained by LA News Center illustrate the proximity of the victims’ remains around the Portland area, raising concerns about a possible serial killer targeting vulnerable women. The indictment of Calhoun adds credence to these fears, leading to further investigation into the possibility of additional victims.

Swift Action by Authorities:

Upon learning of Calhoun’s alleged involvement in the murders, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek swiftly revoked his clemency. Calhoun is currently in custody and is expected to face arraignment shortly.

Community on Edge:

The Portland community remains on high alert as the investigation continues. Residents are urged to exercise caution and report any suspicious activity to authorities. LA News Center will continue to provide updates on this chilling case as it unfolds, bringing readers the latest information and analysis on this complex and distressing matter.

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