Stabbing Suspect Linked to Death of 70-Year-Old Man


Deep River Homicide: Victim Fatally Stabbed, Suspect Linked to Massachusetts Stabbing Spree

A 70-year-old victim in a Deep River, Connecticut, homicide connected to the Massachusetts stabbing spree suspect, Jared Ravizza, has died due to stab wounds, according to a Connecticut State Police spokesperson.

Victim’s Injuries

“The victim did die as a result of injuries from [a] stabbing,” the spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday, a day after authorities revealed that criminal charges are pending in the case.

Victims’ Identity

The victim has been identified as Bruce Feldman, a West Hartford, Connecticut resident, according to Julie Feldman, who the New York Post identified as Bruce’s wife.

Shocked Community

“The whole thing’s really shocking,” Julie Feldman told the newspaper. “We were together a very, very long time.” Attempts to contact Julie Feldman on Wednesday were unsuccessful.

Disturbance Call

Connecticut State Police initially responded to a disturbance call at a Merriwold Lane residence on Saturday afternoon. An investigation revealed that a suspect, later identified as Ravizza, had approached the house and thrown a shovel through a window pane.

Second Scene

Police subsequently visited a second address on Maritone Lane and discovered Feldman outside with visible injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“During the initial investigation, Troopers developed information indicating that a second individual… had been present earlier in the day,” police said. “Personal items belonging to Ravizza were located at the scene and witnesses provided a description consistent with that of Ravizza.”

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation remains active, police noted, adding that there is no active threat to the public.

Massachusetts Stabbing Suspect

Ravizza, a 26-year-old from Martha’s Vineyard, had been arrested in Sandwich, Massachusetts, following a stabbing spree in Braintree and Plymouth that left six people injured.

Ravizza’s Connection to Feldman

Investigators are still working to determine the relationship between Ravizza and Feldman, who lived nearby. Neighbors have reported seeing Ravizza staying at the Maritone Lane property in April.

Feldman’s Invention

Three years ago, a local radio station interviewed Feldman about his invention, the Ultimate Leaf Lifter, a rake designed to help individuals pick up leaves without bending over.

Neighbors’ Concerns

Local residents had reportedly called the police on Feldman over trespassing issues in recent days. Witnesses claimed he would trespass on their property and sit on porches uninvited.

Escalation of Situation

The situation escalated on Saturday when Ravizza allegedly threw the shovel at the property owned by women who had contacted the police regarding Feldman.

Call to Action

Anyone with information related to the Deep River homicide or Massachusetts stabbing spree is urged to contact the authorities.

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