Tragic End for Missing Dartmouth Student Kexin Cai: Body Found After Search


Missing Dartmouth Student, Kexin Cai, Found Deceased

Tragic Discovery in Connecticut River

In a heartbreaking development, the search for missing Dartmouth College student Kexin Cai has ended with the discovery of her body in the Connecticut River. The remains were spotted by a fisherman in Windsor, Vermont, on Monday, several weeks after her disappearance.

Distraught Community Honors a Beloved Student

The discovery of Cai’s remains sent shockwaves through the Dartmouth community. She was a second-year doctoral student in psychological and brain sciences, described as an exceptional researcher with a passion for helping others.

Cai’s adviser, Jon Kull, remembered her as “an exceptionally gifted and humble researcher with a genuinely sweet personality.” He spoke of her love for cats, her exploration of the Upper Valley, and her enthusiasm for outdoor activities like hiking and skiing.

Unanswered Questions Cloud Investigation

The precise circumstances surrounding Cai’s disappearance and eventual demise remain a mystery. Local law enforcement agencies have been diligently investigating, with the assistance of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and volunteer search teams.

Surveillance footage captured Cai leaving her residence on an e-bike on the afternoon of May 15th. Days later, her bike was found at the Boston Lot Conservation Area. Intensive searches in the area proved futile.

Prior Mental Health Concerns

Prior to her disappearance, Cai sought help from the campus medical clinic due to mental health concerns. The incident raises questions about the challenges faced by students grappling with mental health issues.

The Dartmouth community is mourning the loss of a promising young life. Faculty and students alike are supporting each other during this difficult time.

Kexin Cai Remembered as a “Bright and Shining Light”

Excerpt from Dean Kull’s Monday statement:

“Kexin’s loss is a profound one for our community, and her absence will be deeply felt by all who knew her.”

“She was a bright and shining light, a friend to all who crossed her path. In her time at Dartmouth, she touched the lives of many.”

“Our hearts are broken for her family, her friends, and her fellow researchers. We offer them our deepest condolences during this incredibly difficult time.”

Additional Information and resources:

  • If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health concerns, please reach out for help. Resources are available through the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
  • The Dartmouth College Health Service provides mental health support to students. Visit their website for more information:

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