Trapped Burglars: CCTV Captures Bystanders Playing Cat-and-Mouse


Brave Bystanders Trap Alleged Burglars in Store

Nashville, Tennessee – In a remarkable act of community vigilance, a group of bystanders outside a store in Antioch, Nashville, foiled an alleged burglary attempt by holding the suspects trapped inside until police arrived.

Caught in the Act

At around noon on Tuesday, June 27, shoppers at Tanger Outlets recorded footage of four hooded and masked individuals attempting to ransack a Perfumania store. As the alleged burglars attempted to break the cash register and steal perfumes, workers and shoppers fled the scene.

Community Heroes

Outside the store, bystanders immediately sprang into action. They rushed to the front entrance and held the door shut, preventing the suspects from escaping. The bystanders remained determined, despite being told by mall security that the suspects had already broken out the back of the store and fled.

Desperate Escape Attempts

Undeterred, the alleged burglars resorted to desperate measures. They used a stepladder to try and smash open the back door, but failed. Then, they began using the stepladder to break a hole in the wall next to the back exit.

Testify to the Crime

Witness Accounts

One witness, Preston, described the chaos unfolding inside the store. “They were trying to run around, break into the cash register, get all the cologne out of the shelves,” Preston told LA News Center.

Preston said that shoppers were distressed by the incident, as it was not an isolated event in the area. “They’re just upset that it happens so often,” he added.

Police Response

Metro Nashville Police arrived at the scene 30 minutes after the standoff began. By that time, the alleged burglars had already escaped. However, the bystanders’ quick thinking and determination had prevented them from making off with any loot.

Suspects at Large

The suspects remain at large, and police are continuing their investigation. The footage recorded by the shoppers has been released as evidence, and the public is urged to come forward with any information that could lead to their apprehension.

Community Spirit

The incident showcased the incredible community spirit and willingness of Nashville residents to protect their own. The bystanders’ bravery and determination proved invaluable in thwarting the alleged burglary attempt, and their actions serve as an inspiring reminder of the power of community involvement.

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