Twisted Tale: Man Confesses to Setting Trailer Ablaze, Trapping Stepmother Inside


Son Charged with Felony Murder After Setting Trailer Alight with Stepmother Inside

Tragedy unfolds in Rome, Georgia, as a man faces charges related to a fatal trailer fire.

**Unraveling the Horror**

On a somber Saturday evening, LA News Center reported that Rome police received a distress call about a structure fire at 11 Addington Court. The caller claim a woman was trapped inside a trailer. Upon arrival and observing the multiple flames erupting from the building, officers were unable to gain entry.

**Confession of Guilt**

Outside the trailer, officers initially encountered Edward Lary, 55, his son Timothy Edward Lary, 26, and Quentin Patric Ealy, 30. Edward Lary identified his son as the culprit. When police confronted the younger Lary, he uttered a chilling statement, “Yeah, I did,” confessing to setting the trailer ablaze.

**Motive Unraveled**

Edward Lary revealed to authorities that his son had proposed selling the lot where the trailer stood, handing the proceeds over to him. However, the son’s stepmother refused. Motivated by the thwarted financial gain, Timothy Edward Lary allegedly threatened to burn the trailer down while his stepparents worked.

**Heartbreaking Aftermath**

According to authorities, Timothy Edward Lary ignited a bunch of papers and tossed them onto his mattress, sparking the deadly fire. Edward Lary, initially believing his wife escaped behind him, later discovered she had perished inside. Firefighters found the bodies of the stepmother and three pets in the charred home.

**Arrest and Charges**

After apprehending Timothy Edward Lary, police found a lighter and traces of marijuana on his person. A search warrant was obtained for the residence.

The accused has been indicted on severe charges, including felony murder, neglect of a disabled adult, cruelty to animals, arson, and aggravated assault.

**Community in Mourning**

This tragedy has left the Rome community shaken and mourning the loss of a life senselessly taken. As the investigation continues, questions surrounding the incident’s motive and the suspect’s mental state remain unanswered. However, the charges against Timothy Edward Lary reflect the gravity of his actions and the tragic consequences that have unfolded.

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