“Unconventional Safety Measures: Siouxland Christian School Arms Staff to Protect Students”


Siouxland Christian School in Iowa has taken an unconventional approach to ensure the safety of its students. The private Christian school has announced that some of its staff members will be armed while on campus in order to protect against potential attacks. The decision was made after a mass shooting at Perry High School in Iowa, which left a sixth grader dead and several others injured. The superintendent of Siouxland Christian School, Lindsay Laurich, stated that the staff members who have been selected and trained will remain anonymous, and the hope is that this layer of protection will never need to be deployed. Laurich emphasized that there will be no changes to the day-to-day experiences of students and staff.

While the school did not disclose how many staff members will be armed or their identities, Laurich explained that this information is being kept confidential to protect the staff who are taking on this responsibility. She revealed that the school had been considering this policy for over a year before officially announcing it last week.

School Safety Takes Priority

The decision to arm certain staff members at Siouxland Christian School is a response to the unfortunate reality that schools have become targets for those who wish to do harm. Laurich’s letter to the school community expressed sympathy for the community of Perry, Iowa, which recently experienced an active shooter event. She cited a Wall Street Journal article that highlighted the K-12 School Shooting Database, which reported four incidents and seven victims since the beginning of the year.

Protecting Students in the Event of an Active Shooter

The school board and administration at Siouxland Christian School have taken the safety of their students seriously. The process for selecting and training staff members who will be armed on campus involved input from law enforcement, insurance carriers, legal advisors, and industry experts. These armed staff members are specifically trained to respond directly to an active shooter threat, allowing teachers and students to safely position themselves until law enforcement arrives.

Woodbury County Sheriff Chad Sheehan has been supportive of the school’s decision and has provided valuable resources during the policy implementation.

Arming Teachers: A Growing Trend in School Safety

Siouxland Christian School is not alone in its decision to arm certain staff members. Schools across the nation have increasingly adopted this approach to combat potential threats. A Fox News poll conducted in August 2022 found that 48% of people support arming teachers. Experts have also noted that implementing additional safety measures, such as security cameras and reinforced doors, can help create a safer environment for students and staff.

A Difficult Decision, but a Necessary Step

In her letter to the school community, Superintendent Laurich acknowledged that arming staff members was a difficult decision. She reflected on how unimaginable it was when she first entered the teaching profession that shootings would occur in schools. However, she emphasized that the landscape has changed, and taking proactive measures to protect students is necessary.

Siouxland Christian School’s decision to arm certain staff members reflects their commitment to ensuring the safety of their students. While some may view this approach as controversial, the school believes it is a necessary step in today’s world. By implementing this policy, Siouxland Christian School hopes to provide a secure learning environment for their students while maintaining a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day experiences.