Unthinkable Tragedy: Teen Dies After Gasoline Incident


North Texas Teen Dies After Severe Burns from Gasoline Incident

A tragic incident in North Texas has resulted in the death of a teenage girl who suffered severe burns. Madison Lewis, a 17-year-old girl, passed away early Sunday morning, surrounded by her family.

The incident occurred during a holiday gathering when another teenager threw a pan filled with gasoline onto a fire. The pan exploded, causing the fire to engulf Madison and leaving her with burns covering 90% of her body.

Unthinkable Tragedy: Teen Dies After Gasoline Incident

Madison was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where she underwent multiple surgeries and was placed in a medically-induced coma. Although she briefly emerged from the coma and showed some signs of movement, she was eventually put back into a coma.

Tragically, Madison’s injuries were too severe, and she lost her life. Her family described her as a brave and resilient young woman who faced every challenge with determination.

A Devastating Accident

The incident that caused Madison’s injuries occurred when a boy threw a pan filled with gasoline onto the fire. Initially mistaking it for a harmless cup, Madison’s mother soon realized the danger as the pan exploded and flames engulfed her daughter.

A Courageous Journey

Despite the immense pain and challenges she faced, Madison approached her recovery with an unwavering spirit. She inspired everyone who knew her with her resilience and courage. Sadly, her body, exhausted from the battle, found peace as she was called home by the Lord.

Madison Lewis posing in a school sweater

Support for the Family

In the wake of this tragedy, a donation has been set up to help Madison’s family cover the costs of her funeral expenses. The community has come together to support them during this difficult time.

A Heartbreaking Loss

Madison Lewis’ passing is a devastating loss for her family, friends, and community. While nothing can ease the pain of their grief, they are finding solace in the memories of Madison’s strength and the impact she had on those around her.

Fox News Digital’s Louis Casiano contributed to this report.