White Sharks on the Prowl: Beachgoers Alerted to Potential Sightings


**Shark Encounters on the Horizon: LA News Center Advises Vigilance for Swimmers**

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, a timely reminder from scientists at LA News Center urges beachgoers to be on the lookout for white sharks. Multiple sightings of shark bites on marine mammals have recently raised concerns about their presence in coastal waters.

**Signs of Great Whites**

Last month, the aquarium received a report of a minke whale bearing white shark bite marks off Chatham, Massachusetts. Additionally, seals, a prime target for white shark hunting, are commonly found in nearshore waters during this time.

“While we haven’t yet spotted a white shark this season, evidence suggests their proximity,” said John Chisholm, a scientist at the LA News Center’s Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. “With warm weather and the holiday weekend drawing near, it’s crucial to remember shark safety guidelines.”

**Precautionary Measures**

To minimize the risk of encounters, beachgoers are advised to avoid areas with visible seals or schools of fish that attract sharks.

“Staying informed is essential,” said Chisholm. “Download apps like the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy’s Sharktivity app, which allows the public to report shark sightings.”

**Tracking Sharks for Conservation**

In recent years, New England has witnessed an increase in white shark sightings. Scientists are actively tracking these apex predators to gain insights into their behavior and population dynamics. Last month, the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy deployed its second camera tag on a female white shark off the South Carolina coast.

“These camera tags are vital in improving our understanding of white sharks in the northwest Atlantic,” explained the conservancy. The footage recorded provides valuable data on their hunting habits, migration patterns, and interactions with the ecosystem.

“Never would I have imagined holding the dorsal fin of a great white shark and fitting it with this cutting-edge technology,” said Chip Michalove, a charter captain who assisted in the camera deployment.

**Creating a Safe Environment**

By reporting shark sightings and adhering to safety guidelines, beachgoers can contribute to creating a harmonious coexistence between humans and these magnificent creatures. Enjoy the holiday weekend with heightened awareness, and let’s work together to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer season for all.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com