Years before rampage, slashing suspect posed with model


Model’s Encounter with Suspected Serial Stabber Raises Questions

Beverly Hills, CA, April 2023

Model Alena Shikhova recalls an unsettling encounter with Jared Ravizza, now suspected of committing a string of stabbing attacks across multiple states. In April 2023, Ravizza allegedly pushed his way into a photoshoot, leaving Shikhova feeling uncomfortable.

Braintree, MA, May 2024

Thirteen months later, Ravizza allegedly stabbed four young girls in a movie theater and two victims in a McDonald’s. He was arrested after crashing his car in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Ravizza pleaded not guilty to all charges during his arraignment in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He is undergoing a 20-day psychiatric evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital.

West Hartford, CT

Prior to the Massachusetts attacks, Ravizza allegedly stabbed and killed a man in Connecticut. The altercation began when Ravizza threw a shovel through a window during a fight with neighbors.

Questions and Investigation

The motives behind the attacks remain unclear. Ravizza and the victims in Massachusetts and Connecticut had no known connections.

Ravizza, charged with assault with intent to murder and other offenses, is due back in Plymouth County Court on June 17, pending the outcome of his psychiatric evaluation. Additional charges are expected in Connecticut.

All victims in the Massachusetts attacks suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Emotional Toll on Neighbours and Victims

Neighbors of the Connecticut victim expressed shock and sorrow. One described Ravizza as “friendly but odd.”

Shikhova, now filled with gratitude for having trusted her instincts during her encounter with Ravizza, emphasized the importance of recognizing mental health issues and staying vigilant.

Warning Signs and Personal Safety

Shikhova’s story highlights the need to be alert to unusual or alarming behavior. Intuitive feelings can serve as a valuable warning sign.

Making informed decisions regarding personal safety is crucial. Trusting one’s instincts and taking appropriate precautions can help prevent potential harm.

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