AI Boom Triggers Emerging Investment Opportunity


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly revolutionizing the technology industry, creating a race among tech giants to establish dominance in this burgeoning field. However, the immense power consumption of AI poses challenges, presenting investment opportunities in the utility sector.

Power: The Next Bottleneck for AI Advancement

Aaron Dunn, portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, believes that “power or fiber” will become the next limiting factor for hyperscalers, the companies responsible for providing cloud computing for AI applications. Large language models, a key aspect of AI, require substantial data center capacity, which in turn demands enormous amounts of energy.

Utilities: Poised for Growth in the AI Era

Recognizing the increasing power needs of AI, Dunn recommends investing in utility stocks. Specifically, he suggests CMS Energy, a company driving the transition to renewable energy and aligned with the hyperscalers’ focus on sustainability. As data centers increase their power draw, utilities will play a critical role in meeting both retail and industrial demand.

Data Centers’ Green Energy Dependency

Hyperscalers are prioritizing reducing their carbon footprint, driving significant growth in the renewable energy sector. Dunn emphasizes that, in the United States, this sector is poised for a dramatic increase in capacity. Utilities that provide renewable energy solutions, like CMS Energy, are well-positioned to benefit from AI’s growing power demand.

Market Insights

Data from BofA reveals that AI servers consume electricity equivalent to 20 million U.S. homes. Data centers, powering AI workloads, account for 1-2% of global electricity usage and are projected to grow at an 11% compound annual rate until 2030.


The explosive growth of AI is creating unprecedented power demands, making utilities an attractive investment opportunity. CMS Energy, with its focus on renewable energy, is well-suited to capitalize on the utility sector’s role in supporting AI’s expansion. As the AI industry continues to develop, so too will the need for reliable and sustainable energy sources.