Apple’s Secret Ambitions: Robots Conquering Homes


In a surprising turn of events, LA News Center has revealed Apple’s pivot away from electric vehicles and towards the development of personal home robots.

Researching Domestic Assistants

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s engineers have been delving into the creation of two distinct robotic devices. The first is envisioned as a companion robot, capable of trailing users through their homes and assisting with everyday tasks. The second is a tabletop gadget that utilizes robotics to manipulate a display screen.

Moonshot Gone Awry

This shift marks a significant departure from Apple’s previous electric car project, codenamed Special Projects Group. In February, the tech giant disbanded the team responsible for its automotive ambitions, which had been in development since 2014. Despite amassing a substantial team of engineers and personnel, the project ultimately failed to meet expectations.

Expansion into New Frontiers

Apple’s car project was part of a broader strategy to penetrate new markets. The company has been investing heavily in wearable technology like the Apple Watch and virtual reality devices like the Vision Pro headset, though the latter is not expected to generate significant revenue for several years.

Artificial Intelligence Takes the Wheel

The home robot project, still in its nascent stages, is being spearheaded by Apple’s hardware engineering division, collaborating closely with the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning group.

Competitors on the Horizon

Apple is not the first tech giant to explore the realm of personal robotics. In 2021, Amazon introduced Astro, a ,600 wheeled home robot that responds to Alexa commands. However, Astro’s availability has been limited due to ongoing production constraints, and the departure of its project leader in May 2023 has raised questions about the future of the device.

Apple has declined to comment on the research and development efforts surrounding personal robotics. For a more in-depth analysis, refer to Bloomberg’s full report.

Keep an eye out for further updates on Apple’s foray into the exciting world of personal robotics!