Creating Inviting Spaces: How Grand Art Can Transform Your Home


Elevate Your Home with Captivating Art: Expert Tips to Enhance Space and Create a Sanctuary

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Art

According to art consultant Louisa Warfield, two common faux pas people make when displaying art in their homes are:

  • Hanging art that’s too small for the space: This creates a lonely and bleak effect.
  • Hanging art too high: Makes it harder to engage with the piece, both visually and emotionally.

The Key to Creating a Homey and Spacious Feel

Warfield recommends hanging art strategically to create a welcoming atmosphere while making the room appear larger.

  • Opt for larger artworks: Fill up the wall with as big a painting as possible.
  • Hang large artworks in smaller spaces: Don’t be afraid to incorporate them in hallways and other confined areas.

Hanging Artwork at the Ideal Height

For optimal viewing, Warfield suggests the following guidelines:

  • Hang the artwork so that its center is about 150cm (59 inches) above the floor.
  • Alternatively, hang it so that your eye level is about a third of the way down from the top of the piece.

The Versatility of Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are an effective way to display multiple pieces of varying sizes. Warfield offers tips on creating cohesive arrangements:

  • Maintain consistency: Use black frames, flower prints, or black-and-white photos to unify the display.
  • Add a twist: Include one picture with a touch of contrasting color.

Finding the Right Balance with Color Scheme

Matching artwork to your home’s color scheme can be tricky. Warfield encourages a flexible approach:

  • Embrace your vision: Decorate your home as you prefer; it’s your sanctuary.
  • Consider longevity: Keep in mind that your home’s decor is likely to change over time. Artwork may not always match future color schemes.

Revive Existing Artworks

If your existing artwork doesn’t seem to complement your new space, try these innovative ideas:

  • Reframe or hang unframed: Give old pieces a fresh look.
  • Glaze with non-reflective glass: Enhance clarity and reduce glare.

An Art Collector’s Approach

Helen Sunderland Cohen, a collector of modern and contemporary art, emphasizes balance in her home decor:

  • Consider the context: Place artworks that interact organically with the surrounding space.
  • Create a harmonious environment: Arrange art that complements furniture, rugs, and lighting.

Embrace Intuition and Connection

When choosing artwork, Sunderland Cohen values personal connection:

  • Buy what resonates: Seek pieces that evoke memories or represent significant places.
  • Trust your instincts: Display art with confidence and disregard trends.

Beyond Art: Enhancing Your Living Space

Sunderland Cohen advocates for living with design and finding joy in everyday objects:

  • Incorporate well-designed pieces: From lamps to cushions, elevate your home with aesthetically pleasing items.
  • E
    njoy the process: Surround yourself with objects that bring you engagement and pleasure.

By incorporating these expert recommendations, you can transform your home into a captivating space where art becomes an integral part of your sanctuary. Remember to let your creativity shine through and embrace the joy of living with beautiful things.

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