Fed Hawk Bowman: Interest Rate Cuts May Not Happen, Inflation Risks Persist


The Federal Reserve has long been the guardian of the nation’s economic health. However, in the face of persistently high inflation, the institution finds itself at a crossroads. With financial markets eagerly anticipating interest rate cuts, one Fed Governor is urging caution, arguing that raising rates may become necessary to rein in inflation.

A Balancing Act: Containing Inflation without Derailing Growth

In a highly anticipated speech, Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman cautioned that the Fed may need to raise interest rates to combat inflation. She attributed her concern to the persistent upward pressure on inflation and the risk that inflation could reverse or even escalate. She emphasized the need for caution against easing monetary policy too hastily.

“While it’s not my baseline outlook, I continue to see the risk that we might need to increase policy rates further,” Bowman stated. “Cutting rates too soon or too quickly could lead to a resurgence in inflation, ultimately requiring further rate hikes to bring inflation back to our target of 2 percent.”