Gen Z: The New Travel Elite, Splashing Dollars Worldwide


Gen Zs Dominate Travel Scene: Embracing Adventures Despite Economic Woes

Prepare for a summer travel frenzy, as Gen Zs take the spotlight with their ambitious vacation plans. According to surveys, this tech-savvy generation is not only spending more on their travels but also planning more extensive and international trips compared to their older counterparts.

Unprecedented Spending Surge

Gen Zs and Millennials are leading the charge in travel spending this year. A study by PMG reveals that 65% of Gen Zs and 72% of Millennials plan to invest more in leisure travel. This enthusiasm far surpasses the 54% of Gen Xers and 40% of Baby Boomers expressing similar plans.

However, Gen Zs’ approach to financing their travels differs significantly from other age groups. The number citing savings as their primary source of travel funds has declined since last summer. Undeterred, they seek creative ways to cut costs and bridge funding gaps.

Debt-Fueled Excursions

Despite financial uncertainties, a startling 42% of Gen Zs and 47% of Millennials admit to considering debt financing for their summer trips. This worryingly high figure includes using credit cards, “buy now, pay later” services, and personal loans. Financial experts caution against excessive debt accumulation for discretionary spending, particularly with soaring interest rates.

A group of young people smiling and looking at the camera.

Unwavering Wanderlust

Despite economic anxieties, Gen Zs remain staunchly committed to traveling. A study by Empower reveals that nearly a quarter (24%) feel pressured by their peers to embark on trips beyond their financial means. Furthermore, they are more likely than other age groups to cite concerns about their finances, the economy, and climate change as potential deterrents to travel. However, amidst these worries, their determination to explore and experience the world remains unwavering.

As Gen Zs and Millennials continue to reshape the travel landscape, their innovative approaches to funding their adventures and unyielding passion for exploration will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the industry.

Gen Z Travel Profile

  • Generation: Born between 1997 and 2012
  • Travel Plans: Planning more extensive and international trips than older generations
  • Spending Habits: Spending more on travel than other age groups
  • Financing Options: More likely to consider debt financing than older generations
  • Motivations: Influenced by social media and a desire for experiences
  • Concerns: Uncertain financial outlook, economic conditions, and climate change